Matthew Perry was on the point of passing away after taking drugs and falling into a coma.

Matthew Perry talked openly about his debilitating battle with drugs and alcohol in a recent interview.

In both his new memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing and an interview with People, the Friends actor discussed private matters.

Matthew revealed the terrible circumstances of his struggles and acknowledged that he had been in a coma for several weeks.

His autobiography opens with the admission that he was on the point of passing away a few years earlier at the age of 49.

His colon ruptured as a result of drug abuse, and he fought for his life for weeks. The patient spent five months in the hospital and another nine months with a colostomy bag.

“My family was told by the doctors that I had a 2% chance of surviving,” Matthew acknowledged. “I was put on an ECMO machine, which controls your breathing for your heart and lungs. That is known as a Hail Mary. Nobody recovers from that.”

Matthew has provided more information about his life in his most recent memoir.

For many of the years he portrayed Chandler Bing on the well-known sitcom, he battled alcoholism.

There will be lengthy periods of sobriety, according to Matthew, who said that he thought he could handle it.

But he later acknowledges that he had lost weight and was taking 55 Vicodin day, dropping to 128 pounds.

“I didn’t know how to stop,” he admitted. ” If the cops arrived at my home and threatened to put me in jail if I drank tonight, I would start packing. I was unable to stop because the disease and addiction progress over time. Therefore, it only grows worse with age.”

According to Matthew LeBlanc, the cast members David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Matthew LeBlanc “were kind, and they were patient,” but in the end he could only help himself.

Even though he still battles his problems and has gone to rehab at least 15 times, he revealed to People that he is “quite healthy now.” ” I have to quit coming to the gym much more since I don’t want to be able to play superheroes solely,” he joked. But no, I’m actually in quite decent shape at the moment.

“It’s important, but losing your sobriety doesn’t mean you lose all that time and education,” the actor said, refusing to specify how long he had been clean up to this point.

“The only thing that changes is your sober date; everything else stays the same. You retain everything you previously learnt as long as you were able to fight your way back without dying.”

He also has 14 surgical scars on his belly to serve as a reminder to stay on track. ” That’s a lot of reminders to be sober,” he continued. I said, “I only have to look down.”

He is now focusing on saving other individuals and thinks he can do that by telling his experience.

He asserts that only he survived out of the five patients who were put on an ECMO machine that evening. “So, ‘why?’ is the essential question. Why was I chosen? There must be some form of motivation.”

“I’m a guy who actually feels grateful,” he added. “I’m happy to be alive, there’s no doubt about that. And that gives me the flexibility to behave however I like.”