King Charles’ coronation won’t happen for several more months. He and Camilla will take on the titles of King and Queen Consort on May 6, 2023. On this historical day, a sizable crowd will undoubtedly be there, including practically the entire Royal Family.

Of course, everybody is wondering if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be among them.

Since they formally departed the Royal Family, the couple’s relationship, particularly with Charles, has been pretty strained, and this fall it may get much crazier.

According to rumors, Harry will soon publish his autobiography, which could contain a number of brand-new, shocking disclosures regarding the Firm.

The rumor is that Charles may think about excluding the Sussexes from his coronation if something scandalous is written about Camilla.

Since Elizabeth II was crowned at Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953, there hasn’t been a coronation in the United Kingdom. However, King Charles will be crowned next year, and specifics of the historic ceremony were just recently made public. Interestingly, King Charles is ready to renounce a long-standing custom.

The coronation of King Charles has been scheduled on May 6 in Westminster Abbey, according to the Palace.

King Charles’ coronation “will reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future, while being entrenched in long-standing traditions and pageantry,” a press release stated.

The statement added, “The Coronation is a solemn religious event, as well as a reason for celebration and spectacle.”

According to earlier reports, it might happen on June 2, the day after the Queen’s coronation’s 70th anniversary, or on June 3.

The coronation of the Queen in 1954 was a major occasion. More over 8,000 people reportedly attended the coronation at Westminster Abbey, according to the official royal website. A staggering 129 countries were also officially represented.

The monarch was given a number of gold items, including a robe, bracelets, and spurs, as is customary.

The orb is put in the monarch’s right hand during the coronation service when they are invested with the symbols of sovereignty, according to the Royal Collection Trust.

King Charles will receive the orb and scepter as symbolic of his new duty as king. His coronation has been assigned the codename “Operation Golden Orb.” Then the Archbishop of Canterbury will crown him with a crown made of pure gold.

The coronation of the Queen was a magnificent and important occasion. King Charles, on the other hand, is apparently deviating a little from the norm and is prepared to go in a new direction.

He would drastically cut down the number of visitors, to slightly over 2,000, according to sources. Additionally, the duration of the traditional customs, such as the presentation of the Orb and Scepter, will be reduced to around one hour. The Queen’s coronation, lasted nearly three hours.

According to reports, the monarch also intends to mandate a more lenient clothing code. He will, for instance, “perhaps accept” lounge suits rather than peers wearing ceremonial robes.

Of course, on the day of his coronation, not only King Charles will be given a new, distinguished title. No, Camilla will formally become Queen Consort on the same day, as has been announced.

However, it appears like Camilla might become the Queen sooner. The Telegraph reports that Buckingham Palace will decide whether Camilla will be given the title of “Queen” before the coronation. It would all rely on her level of public favorability, the insider said.

If she continues to be well-liked and it seems to be well-liked to refer to her as Queen Camilla, Buckingham Palace may covertly remove “consort” from her title.

Since she married Charles, Camilla’s popularity with the general public has increased significantly. Of course, the relationship with Diana didn’t help her reputation. However, over time, royal admirers have come to accept her, and most notably, have begun to like her.

She was claimed to have chosen to be referred to as “Queen Consort” when she married into the Royal Family as a mark of respect for the aristocracy. And Charles continued to speak to his wife in that way after ascending to the throne.

Charles made the following statement: “I count on the kind assistance of my beautiful wife, Camilla.” She becomes my Queen Consort “in appreciation of her “own committed public service since our marriage seventeen years ago.”

The actual guest list for King Charles’ coronation won’t likely be made public until next year, but rumors regarding Harry and Meghan’s attendance are already circulating.

Of course, the primary topic of conversation is the ongoing conflict between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the Royal Family. Camilla, like King Charles and Prince William, has expressed her displeasure with the royal marriage, despite apparently making an effort in the past to forge a warm and loving relationship with her husband’s son and his wife.

The day of the coronation, May 6, has special meaning for royals; if not for King Charles, then for Harry and Meghan for sure.

Archie, the son of Harry and Meghan, will turn 4 on May 6. It is unknown how the newlyweds felt when they learned that Charles’ coronation would take place on the same day. Additionally, it is unknown if Harry and Meghan will even be invited.

Katie Nicholl, a royal specialist, believes that Harry and Meghan will be invited to the coronation. She stated to Entertainment Tonight that Camilla and King Charles would want them there.

As she put it, “Camilla has really done everything she can behind the scenes to try and bring this family back together, and emphasize the necessity of trying to move on from this split, and I think she would be very thrilled, as would the king, for Harry and Meghan to attend at the coronation.”

“It will be interesting to watch if they show up. However, it will ultimately be up to the Sussexes to decide whether or not they come over for King Charles’ coronation on May 6.”

But anything may happen before the coronation, especially now that Harry is planning to release a new memoir. According to reports, there are worries among the Royal Family that he would reveal a number of disturbing new disclosures about the Firm.

Sources say he’s currently working on an additional chapter that might cover the Queen’s funeral, though.

According to Jeffrey Archer, who is well-connected in the publishing industry, Harry is writing an entirely new chapter.

“There have been numerous rumors regarding possible delays or alterations to the book. According to what he said, it will be covered in a new chapter that will focus on the Queen’s funeral and the events that led up to it. He will have the opportunity to respond to reports that he was insulted by having to forgo wearing his uniform and the ER letters on his epaulettes.”

“This could be a method to make sure that all the tenses are perfect, referring to the Queen in the past and then having that new chapter may be rather beautiful way to achieve it,” Eden continued. It would imply that the book is being postponed, and not next month as we had been told, but rather next spring.