Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, and Princess Beatrice in particular will be impacted by a big rule change that King Charles III is working on.

King Charles is preparing a proposal to change the law that forbids non-working royals from serving as counselors of state. The spouse of a king and the four adults who are next in line to the throne are the only individuals who are permitted to act as counsellors of state, according to the Regency Act of 1937.

The counsellors can take over if the king is unwell and unable to carry out his responsibilities. Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, and Princess Beatrice would no longer be eligible to act in the King’s place as a result of these newly proposed reforms.

Several members of the royal family, including the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge, the Duke of Sussex, and the Duke of York, as well as the Duke of Edinburgh before her death, were in charge of carrying out the responsibilities of the office in the last years of the Queen’s reign.

The King is rumored to be keen to take the required steps to get the statute modified as as quickly as possible. The Princess Royal and the Earl of Wessex, two of the King’s siblings, are possible candidates for two of the roles. It is reported that the King is eager to make the required decisions.

It is also thought that a more significant reform would occur to more clearly distinguish the duties of working and non-working royals. There have been a few situations in recent years where having counsellors of state was necessary, despite how uncommon they are.

If King Charles follows forward with his plans, all necessary amendments to the legislation must be authorized by Parliament.