According to reports, King Charles is aiming to change the legislation to allow members of the royal family to assume elected posts inside the executive branch of government.

Positions on the Council of State are open to the sovereign’s spouse and the next four individuals in line of succession who are over 21. This seat is reserved for the sovereign’s spouse.

Two or more advisors are appointed by patent to act in the king’s place until his condition improves or he comes home in the event that he is temporarily unable to carry out his official responsibilities as sovereign due to sickness or absence abroad.

Beatrice, age 34, who is scheduled to undertake monarch’s responsibilities despite being ninth in line to the throne, is among these royals. They are: Prince William, Duke of Sussex, Duke of York, and Duke of York.

Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, and Princess Beatrice would no longer act in their existing positions as official deputies to the monarch as a result of the drastic reorganization.

The Earl of Wessex and Princess Royal may be promoted to the post, according to a report, if the legislation is changed.

The requirement for state councils is exceedingly uncommon. Princes Charles and William, however, stood in for the Queen for the State Opening of Parliament in May.

Prince Andrew, who was appointed to the role in 1981, the year he turned 21, is currently the ninth in line to the throne.

But because of his connections to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, who were both found guilty of child sex charges, the public’s view of him has been severely damaged.

He is released from his duties as king.

Together with his bride Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has now essentially resigned from his job as senior royal and moved to the United States, specifically to the city of Los Angeles, to start a new life.