“A split-up family has been put back together!” I got chills watching this.

Lorrie Agan, 51, and Jeffrey Agan Sr., 52, both of Bowling Green, Ohio, are speaking on the phone. They were married in 1989 and had eight kids together before getting divorced in 2014.

Their 21-year-old son, Jeffrey Agan Jr., said that his parents “married in an electronics store because they couldn’t afford a traditional ceremony. The family has been torn apart as a result of their arguments, separation, and divorce. “We all had the impression that we had to approach the destruction in our own special way.”

After a few years of reflection, development, and counseling, they started talking once more… and eventually started dating once again. On December 22, 2017, Lorrie got a poem that had been written by Jeffrey Sr. and had been printed up and framed for her as a Christmas present at Hobby Lobby.

Jeffrey Jr. said, “I read the situation quickly as it was happening, and I grabbed out my phone and caught a lovely footage! No one knew Dad had planned the proposal and the amount of time and love he put into it.”

Since Jeffrey Jr. posted the video to Twitter, it has been seen more than 8 million times.

“When I wrote the tweet, I anticipated getting about six likes from close friends,” Jeffrey Jr. said. “I never thought it would spread like wildfire! It seems like everyone is rooting for Jeff and Lorrie because so many people have shared similar stories or wished to help them!”

He said, “As a way of saying thank you for all the sacrifices they’ve made for us kids, we’d like to throw them a dream wedding.”

“Even though we struggled, we never went without food, and they spent a lot of time attempting to get us out of the mud. Instead of their own egotistical wants and needs, they have invested their money in our accomplishments and future.”

“I’ve made a GoFundMe page in response to requests so that others can contribute to their wedding. I’m amazed at the outpouring of support!”

“My entire family is currently ecstatic and overjoyed with love,” Jeffrey Jr. said. “A split-up family has been put back together!”

“With all of this love and support, my family has experienced a wonderful moment. I have solid evidence of the existence of true love, which gives so many people hope!”