After having photographs of him shared on social media, a video of an ice cream vendor who swims through the ocean to peddle his wares has gained widespread attention online.

In today’s world, a lot of individuals will often make anything simply to get a job or to have a respectable living. They will put up with a lot of problems in order to provide for their families’ financial requirements.

People were doing their best to earn money through any other means, but in an honorable way, because it is common knowledge that making money in today’s society is quite difficult.

A Facebook user by the name of Abbey Ann Hernandez has just recently published images of a man who sells ice cream by swimming out to the middle of the ocean in order to do so.

It is clear from the photographs that the destitute man was transporting his Styrofoam box, which was stocked with ice cream goods and which he sold to passersby along the route he was taking.

At first, Hernandez believed that the man was simply swimming in the water; however, she was taken aback when she noticed that he was swimming while holding the box that contained his wares.

The ice cream dealer received both condolences and compliments from the internet users who commented on the incident. The following are some of the responses:

Maxinne Nollitsac: “eto yung kahit malalim talagang nilalangoy nya makapag-benta lang ng ice cream”

LCain Arcelo: “Rated k si tatay ng mabigyan siya ng bangka Hindi na maglalangoy langoy Kawawa naman”

The following is a message from Keno Abellar Dacusin: “May God bless you and your family. You are such a motivation to others.

Sarah Mae Mangilit: “God bless po Tatay. ? Alam kong may parating na tulong sa inyo. Keep safe po Tatay kahit na medyo delikado ang laging nasa tubig. ? #KMJS PLEASE PANSININ NIYO PO ITONG POST ”

“You are one of the reasons why, in spite of all the challenges in the Philippines, yet, tourists choose to visit our nation,” Paracuelles Anthony said to Anthony Paracuelles. Godbless you fro kuya.”

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