The girl took a picture of him lurking at the half-open door of his room

Mackenna Newman is a 17-year-old teenager from California who recently posted on Twitter an image in which her father makes the most emotional gesture possible for his cancer-stricken wife. Here is the shocking truth behind this image.

According to Mediafax, Marci, the girl’s mother, had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in October 2016 and since then she had to stay isolated in her bedroom due to radiation treatment.

Last Friday, Mackenna posted on Twitter an extremely emotional photo in which her father appears, who, apparently, cannot stay away from his wife for a second, especially in these difficult moments.

The daughter of the two took the picture, posted it on the social network mentioned along with the following text: “Dad arranged an office at the door of the bedroom where my mother lives, to keep her company, I’m crying now.”

The girl said that her father stayed “at all times” at the door of the woman’s room, and according to Marci, his wife, this is not unusual for Jon: “Jon goes with me to every doctor’s appointment, every test.”

every operation, every radiation. As you can see, if he can’t sit next to me, he’s getting as close as he can. ”

It seems that the purpose of the daughter’s gesture was to celebrate the incredible relationship that her parents have.

The image that stormed the internet. The detail that few realized when they saw the picture

The image of three girls sitting on a bench has taken the internet by storm in recent days.

At first glance, nothing seems unusual in that picture, but a closer look at a detail draws special attention.

The bench on which the three women sit does not have the bottom, and the young women seem to be “suspended” in the air.

Whether the picture was edited in Photoshop or the bottom was removed just to make this picture, the result was as expected because the image went viral in record time.