Estela Melendez has reached the ripe old age of 91 and was recently widowed. She had a bulge on her stomach for years, and it would occasionally cause her pain.

Before they recognized it was actually a fetus that she had been carrying in her uterus for the past 60 years, the doctors thought it was a tumor and treated it as such.

According to Melendez’s statements to CNN, “the doctor told me that I had a tumor and that they needed to operate on me.” Melendez fell down at some point, and subsequent X-rays revealed the petrified fetus that had been there all along.

“Can you imagine? Over the course of sixty years! “Her nephew Luis Melendez, who was perplexed by the news, expressed his thoughts. “I find it hard to believe that she never experienced any grief after the fetus passed away inside of her.”

Manuel Gonzalez, who had been married to Melendez for 74 years and was a fisherman, passed away not too long ago. She had very few regrets in life, but one of them was that she and her husband did not have any children.

According to what Melendez had to say about it, “We suffered severely due of this reason.”

Melendez said that the bulge on her belly actually brings back bittersweet memories of her husband and the kid she always wanted to have. Melendez is expecting her first child.

The fetus was an option that the doctors were considering deleting.

However, because the patient, who is 91 years old, would be at risk during the invasive surgery, they came to the conclusion that preserving the fetus would be less harmful than removing it.

Estela Melendez, who was 91 years old, said that she had a painful ache in the area near her abdomen.

At first, the doctors thought the patient had a tumor, but after a deeper examination, they discovered that the source of the pain was really a fetus that had been growing inside of her womb for the last 60 years.

Because of her advanced age, the medical professionals agreed that terminating the pregnancy would be a riskier option than continuing to carry the pregnancy to term.

Melendez claims that she doesn’t mind it because it brings back memories of her recently dead husband, with whom she was unable to have children. Melendez never had children with her husband.