Robbie Tripp only wanted to post a little love letter on Instagram to express his gratitude for his wife. However, with the internet being what it is, that letter has since gone viral.

The main theme of Tripp’s letter to his wife, body-positive blogger Sarah Tripp, is embracing curvaceous women amid a culture that has long attempted to denigrate them.

Tripp commented, “I love this gal and her curvy physique.” When I was a teenager, my pals would frequently make fun of me for liking thicker, curvier, and shorter girls—girls that the average (basic) dude could refer to as “chubby” or even “fat.”

Then, as I grew into a man and began to educate myself on topics like feminism and how the media marginalizes women by presenting a very limited and specific standard of beauty (slim, tall, slender), I became aware of how many men had fallen for that deception.

He continued, “Her shape and size won’t be the ones portrayed on the Cosmopolitan cover, but they’re the ones highlighted in my life and in my heart.

Then he gave some advice to the males who still treat women differently based on their size.

Guys, reconsider the desires that society has advised you should have, Tripp wrote. “A real lady is not a movie character or a bikini mannequin.

She’s true. She has adorable dimples on her bottom and gorgeous stretch marks on her hips. Never believe you need to fit a certain mold in order to be loved and valued, girls.

There is a person out there who will love you as much as I do my Sarah, someone who will celebrate you for precisely who you are.

This letter has received a fervent response. More than 15,000 people have liked it since it was posted on Sunday, and there have been overwhelmingly supportive responses.

“Made me feel like there was hope. I appreciate guys like you. You and your wife are fortunate to be together, one person wrote. Another: “I’ve never read something so sweet! This encourages me in my quest for love.

In an email to Mic, Sarah Tripp said, “The last few days have been utterly chaotic and incredible all at the same time.”

It’s strange to see Robbie’s post-receive this much attention. Seeing something so uplifting spread is incredibly inspiring. Even though I’ve always knew Robbie adores my body just as it is, it’s fantastic to see other people comment and tag their own significant others!

The fact that Robbie’s lovely words and the relatable subject really resonated with people all across the world surprised us because we had no idea this post would become so popular.

Robbie Tripp updated his blog on Wednesday and expressed his gratitude to those who had been touched by his letter.

It was fantastic to see men from all over the world tag their girlfriends or wives and express how much they adore her curvaceous figure.

“We appreciate all of the kind comments and messages that you have left for us. It truly means everything to us.

Robbie stated in an email that he was particularly struck by how many men responded to his letter.

My favorite part of the whole affair, he continued, “is been seeing all the males tagging their wife or girlfriend and telling her this is exactly how they feel.”

It also demonstrates how curvaceous women are genuinely missed and eclipsed by the media’s representation of the female figure, and how the truth — that many men adore curves — is drowned out.

According to Sarah Tripp, the popularity of the post reflects a widespread perception that curvaceous women are inaccurately portrayed.

Seeing millions of people react positively has really brought to light how many people, especially women, feel that the media’s portrayal of the female form is inaccurate, Sarah Tripp said. I believe the reason this post went viral is because it articulated exactly how many curvaceous women and their spouses feel on a daily basis.