Bethany Lane, who lives in Grove Hill, Middlesbrough, observed that her tummy had begun to expand prior to the holiday season.

Concerned about her health, the adolescent girl went to James Cook University Hospital for tests, which revealed that she had a cyst on her left ovary, which then started to expand in an extraordinary manner.

The size of Bethany’s ovarian cyst was 35 centimeters long, 28 centimeters wide, and 24 centimeters deep.

It was shocking how much fluid it held, and had it exploded, she may have been poisoned to death from the release of that fluid.

Shortly after that, she was visiting a friend who was hospitalized when she suddenly passed out.

The child related his experience, saying, “It really started to sting, and it seemed like someone was stabbing me on my left side.”

Because it had grown to such a size, it was pressing on the tube that connects my kidneys and bladder, which led to the failure of one of my kidneys.

“And if it had popped, it was possible that I would have passed away.”

After having surgery on June 14, Bethany was able to pass nearly two stones at once, and she has made a speedy recovery since the procedure.

She explained that she had keyhole surgery to have the cyst removed, and that she only had three very small scars as a result.

“I’m astounded by the outcomes, and everyone ought to be aware of how remarkable today’s medical professionals are.

“The physicians, nurses, and other staff on the ward couldn’t have been any better. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

They claimed that they had never seen a cyst of such a significant size in someone of my age.

They also warned me that it could take up to two weeks before I was able to walk normally, but because they performed such a superb job, it only took two days.

Bethany, who has dreams of working in the child care industry, thought the doctors, nurses, and surgeons at the hospital did an excellent job.

She continued by saying, “I am just so grateful. Even if hospitals are subject to criticism on occasion, I cannot express how grateful I am to them.

“Removing Bethany’s cyst took a lot of work from a lot of people to get right,” the consultant Dr. Suzie Peatman stated. It was a fantastic effort by the whole squad.

“We are overjoyed that she is making such a speedy recovery.

I would recommend that any lady who is concerned about any strange symptoms speak with their primary care physician.