Do you watch the tv show Lost? There are a lot of people from all around the world who have seen episodes of this series.

Hurley, who was portrayed by Jorge Garcia, was a crucial character for the duration of the entire series. Hurley was an overweight man who worked in a fast food establishment and finally won the jackpot.

As a result, he ended up aboard Flight 815. His character was initially recognized for his comic timing, but as the series went on, he developed into a more serious character who regularly was the main character.

Orge stated that he loved portraying the role and that he knew from the beginning that he could captivate the audience with his interpretation of the character in the series.

Jorge was given further roles in a range of films and television shows once the series came to an end. But in recent years, he has focused more on leading a healthy lifestyle and losing weight, and as a result, he is now seen as a role model for others who want to lower their body fat percentage.

Jorge has had a big build since he was a little child. His accomplishments in high school wrestling earned him the nickname “Baby-Faced-Killer.” Despite being older than his friends and coworkers, he did not allow his age hinder his enjoyment and acted like a regular youngster.

But he gained an abnormal amount of weight, which might harm his health. Jorge decided to make some changes in his life in response to the worries of his family and friends.

He came to the conclusion that he needed to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. He weighed 400 lbs.

One of Jorge’s friends, who also said that Jorge is a really kind person and has the nicest soul, claimed that it is difficult for Jorge to maintain his weight at a regular level.

While filming “Lost,” he made repeated attempts to lose weight, but none of them were effective. Then there was a report that the producers wanted Hurley to go on a diet to reduce weight.

Jorge took the decision to have help along the way, so he turned to nutritionists and fitness trainers for advice. By doing so, he began to lose weight, which was quite beneficial.

Jorge tried to increase the quantity of protein in his diet while reducing the amount of carbs he ate. He also stopped consuming alcohol and started going to the gym on a regular basis.

Out of a total weight loss of 400 pounds, Jorge was able to lose 100 lbs. Isn’t it really motivating to hear?

Being a relatively private individual, Jorge hasn’t said much about his weight. He does, however, occasionally provide recipes along with the meals he prepares.

It’s noteworthy that Jorge married his longtime partner Rebecca Birdsall in 2019. They reportedly began dating in or around 2013.