The majority of miracles happen in hospitals. People with fatal illnesses may start to heal suddenly and apparently out of the blue, while patients who hear terrible news occasionally make enormous and surprising recovery.

Sometimes there is no explanation; the Smith family’s story falls into this category.

On her second birthday, Poppy Smith—the family’s youngest child—experienced brain damage. After the doctors examined her, the family lost all hope that she would survive, but one day, her elder sister showed her some simple, sincere love, which caused a minor change that ultimately saved her life!

Poppy was born early, had a number of health issues, and weighed just 1.8 kg when she was released. Her condition, Moebius syndrome, which impairs facial muscle control, was identified by medical professionals at the same time.

It appeared like the little girl’s luck was not on her favor.

On her birthday, her parents discovered her laying on the floor; despite their best efforts, she was unresponsive. When they took her to the hospital, the staff informed them that she might not make it due to brain damage brought on by a lack of oxygen.

Her elder sister made the decision to kiss her younger sister on the tummy one morning when the entire family was present. Both the doctors and the family members were astounded by the response that followed her gesture.

Poppy started to respond to stimuli, returned to her regular bodily functions the next day, and is now totally healed eight weeks after the rescue kiss!

Nothing is more vital than showing attention to your family because miracles really can happen! Did you give your sibling, brother, kid, or parent a hug today? Otherwise, it’s time to take action!