People throughout the nation have been moved by what three teenage basketball players did for one of their team’s cheerleaders. Standing up for someone who was being made fun of turned out to be a lesson that we should all remember.

Many kids find high school to be a challenging period. We are all aware that issues like bullying are prevalent and that school staff members appear to be doing little to stop it and protect the victims since we have all been there.

On the other side, students stood up for a friend and made it clear that they would not tolerate bullying.

While watching the game, Wisconsin’s Lincoln Middle School students Miles Rodriguez, Chase Vasquez, and Scooter Terrien witnessed some opposing supporters making fun of one of the cheerleaders, Desiree Andrews. The three adolescents were outraged by this and decided to stop the game and make sure that their friend Desiree, who goes by the initials “D” and has Down Syndrome, wasn’t singled out.

With regard to the incident, Chase told a Milwaukee news outlet that “the kids in the crowd started picking on D, so we all came forward.”

The rest of the squad called a timeout and left the floor as soon as they realized what their teammates had done.

“We were enraged. We didn’t agree with that at all. “We begged our sports director to talk to the people and warn them not to make fun of her,” Miles, 14, said.

Desiree is a wonderful cheerleader who never hesitates to give the athletes fist bumps and high-fives to express her support.

This endearing young woman was motivated to follow her ambition of being a cheerleader after witnessing a cheerleader with Down syndrome on her preferred TV show, “Glee.”

D’s father, Cliff Andrews, said how the program helped D feel more confident and motivated her to join the cheering squad. When he discovered what the players had done to his daughter and how they had shielded her, he was unable to control the tears that were falling down his cheeks. She contrasted this by calling the lads’ behavior “kind, lovely, terrific, and amazing.”

The boys have been escorting D to class ever since the incident to make sure she is secure.

According to the school, the lads’ amazing efforts have had such a profound effect that bullying is now all but nonexistent and inclusivity and friendliness are hot topics. This story inspired many teens around the nation to appreciate their friends and improve themselves as people.

Lincoln Middle School went above and beyond and accomplished something that merited praise. After Desiree, they gave the gym the nickname “D’s House,” which symbolizes friendship.

Athletic Director Timothy Nieman hung a banner with the new title on the wall and remarked, “This is what standing up means, being a genuine team, not only a basketball team but a team of people who are willing to support somebody.”

Scooter subsequently said, “We’re all the same, so it’s not fair when other people be treated differently. God made us all in the same way, thus we are all identical. ” To be completely honest, we couldn’t agree more with you, and we’re happy that such young kids already understand the importance of not allowing individuals to suffer because of who they are.