The Sister Wives star posted a photo of two paintings she created for her daughter while she was in the hospital for 11 days over ten years ago.

Christine Brown is thankful as she remembers her daughter Truely’s health crisis.

Truely, 12, had kidney failure when she was three years old, Brown said in an Instagram post. Truely’s “kidneys shut down,” according to the Sister Wives star, and she spent “11 days in the hospital” with her daughter.

“I was wondering if I would go home, with or without her,” she recounted.

Brown, 50, discovered two old hospital drawings over a decade ago. Truely is “in the hospital with tubes connected to a dialysis machine” in one, and “healthy at home and going to Disneyland” in the other.

Brown assured Truely that they would go to Disneyland once “she was better, and we got home, and she was healthy.”

“That was the day she began to improve. I’m pleased I saved these photos to remind me of miracles. “#blessed #momlife #miracles #reminders,” Brown captioned the photo.

Truely Brown is the youngest of the former couple’s five children: Aspyn, 27, Mykelti, 26, Paedon, 24, Gwendlyn, 20, and Ysabel, 19.

Kody has had a falling out with two of his other three wives, Meri and Janelle since the couple’s divorce in 2021 after 25 years of marriage. His lone remaining marriage is to Robyn Brown, whom he married most recently in 2014 – although even that has been rocky in recent months.

“Kody is now questioning me left and right about things I thought he knew about me, as though he’s struggling to trust everyone around him,” Robyn stated in an October episode.

Some of Kody’s children have stated that their connections with their father are strained. Gwendlyn, Christine and Kody’s roommate, spoke out about it in a recent YouTube video:

“He’s changed,” Gwendlyn stated of her father. “I think he started changing because his kids used to be little and easily persuaded, and he found it easier to communicate to them [back then]. We weren’t as vehement.”

Kody has 18 children from several marriages with Robyn, ex-wife Janelle Brown, and ex-wives Christine and Meri Brown.