Ed shared a personal Instagram post announcing the release of his new album, Subtract.

Ed Sheeran took to Instagram to announce the release of his new album, Subtract, in May.

Ed explained the creative process behind his new record in the open article and the tragic news that his wife, Cherry Seaborn, was diagnosed with a tumor while she was pregnant with their second child, Jupiter.

He explained that he’d worked on the record for nearly a decade before trashing it and reworking it in a week owing to a series of catastrophic life circumstances. “Within a month, my pregnant wife was told she had a tumor, with no treatment options until after the birth,” Ed stated.

“My best friend Jamal, a brother to me, died suddenly,” Ed added, referring to Brenda Edwards’ son Jamal’s terrible demise. “I was in a downward spiral of fear, depression, and worry. I felt like I was drowning, my head beneath the surface, staring up but unable to breathe.”

“For the first time, I’m not attempting to design an album people will like; I’m simply putting something out that’s honest and real to where I am in my adult life,” Ed wrote, explaining how the string of terrible events influenced His.

“Hope Cherry is okay, and you are both on the road to recovery,” Ed’s admirers wrote, and “PLEASE extend all of our love to Cherry; we sincerely hope she’s doing much better now.”

Cherry gave birth to Jupiter in May 2022, with Ed announcing her arrival with a snapshot of a little pair of socks.

“I just wanted to let you know we had another beautiful baby girl. We are both madly in love with her and overjoyed to be a family of four.”

Jupiter and Ed and Cherry’s other daughter, Lyra Antarctica, have never been seen, as the couple prefers to keep their children out of the spotlight.

Ed provided no other information on his wife’s tumor, but we hope she can recover fully after the baby.

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