When Austin Butler earned the role of Elvis Presley in the movie “Elvis,” he never could have guessed how profoundly it would affect his life.

Aside from acclaim for his portrayal of Elvis Presley, the actor received the most profound praise from the Presley family. Riley Keough has been one of the family’s most vocal supporters of Butler’s portrayal of Elvis Presley.

Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter, Riley Keough, has been by Butler’s side during this tumultuous ride. After witnessing the film, the actor couldn’t stop talking about how beautifully Butler portrayed her grandfather and believes he should be nominated for an Oscar.

Keough said, “That kind of dedication and the amount of work he put in… It’s just remarkable, and I’ve never seen anything like it from an actor, especially one our age.”

“He thoroughly deserves it.” Butler valued Keough and the Presley family’s approval the most as he continued to be recognized for his position.

But, tragedy hit the Presley family and Butler in January when Lisa Marie died tragically. In the following days, Keough shared a touching snapshot of herself and her mother on Instagram as she lamented the loss.

Keough has done her best to put on a brave face as she promotes her upcoming project since her mother’s death. Butler is now the one praising Keough for her efforts and bravery.

Riley Keough, according to Austin Butler, is a strong woman.

Riley Keough, like Austin Butler, has had a successful acting career. She’s worked on some incredible projects, including “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “American Honey,” but one of her most anticipated projects is coming up soon. Keough has been promoting the upcoming miniseries “Daisy Jones & The Six.”

Following her mother’s passing, Keough has just returned to the public eye as she promotes the new series. She spoke publicly about the project and hinted at how difficult this time in her life has been.

She stated, “That was an emotional and special event for me that lasted two years… And we’ve all been through a lot throughout this period. It means a lot to all of us.” Several admirers, including her close friend Butler, are interested in the series.

Butler couldn’t stop complimenting Keough, not just for her role in the show but also for her tremendous fortitude. “She’s such a powerful woman, and I’m just continuously fascinated with her love and giving,” he said.

Butler expressed his “proudness” for the outstanding actor and eagerness to see the future project. Butler stated, “I’ve heard nothing but positive things about the show. I’m excited to watch it.” Thus, just as Keough had Butler’s back, he also has hers.