When you’re renowned for your glamorous image, the last thing you want is for people to see you without makeup. But Paris Hilton has come a long way from her The Simple Life days and is mature enough to let her hair down and be seen without any glam.

At 40 years old, she is still one of the most gorgeous socialites around. She ower much of this to her obsession with taking care of her skin, which she had been doing since the age of eight. She has her own beauty line called ProD.N.A. She moisturizes and cleanses religiously and also isn’t afraid to try out new products like eye massagers.


What can we say about Celine Dion? One of Canada’s favorite divas, she’s been working successfully as a world-class singer since 1980. When we watch her videos, listen to her records, or take a look at her pictures, one word often comes to mind: perfection.

Born in the small suburban city of Charlemagne, Celine was able to climb the success ladder and become one of the richest and highest-celebrated musicians in the world. We all know she looks amazing in the red carpet, but can she pull it off without any make-up? Judging by the picture on the left, she looks as great with nothing on as she does when fully prepped.


Celebrities tend to settle down with other celebrities, but Hollywood A-lister George Clooney decided to get a taste of the real-world by marrying Lebanese-British lawyer Amal Clooney in 2014. Clooney’s decision proved to be wise: Amal is not only beautiful but also smart, charming, and hardworking.

Far from being a show business lady, Amal is nonetheless ready to look good in any picture. With and without make-up, she presents herself with a look that’s both exotic and timeless. George Clooney’s career choices weren’t always on point, but marrying Amal was a decision he will never regret!


At first sight, Sharon Stone’s all-natural photo looks like something coming out of a horror movie. But if you ignore the fact that she’s trying to pick her teeth with her tongue, all you see is a beautiful and well-preserved 61 years-old woman.

Yes, time flies by and the steamy star of Basic Instinct is now over-60 and working on less adventurous projects, like the TV series The New Pope. Over 2 decades have passed since Stone’s breakthrough role, but at least two things have remained the same: her uncontested beauty and her contagious smile!


Known for Cheers, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Scream Queens and Celebrity Big Brother, American actress Kirstie Alley has been busy working on every possible show business gig for the last 5 decades. Kirstie’s look changed a lot throughout the years and she wasn’t always able to keep her once-pristine physique, but there’s no changing to the fact that she’s a beautiful woman.

Now 68 years old, Kirstie is subjected to the occasional paparazzo picture in which she ends up looking like an old witch. But even the world’s most beautiful women can appear to be horrible when snapped at the wrong time and place.


American singer Madonna is 61 years-old and done with singing Like a Virgin. The “Queen of Pop” is now busy performing her latest record – Madame X – and she’s still considered to be a feminine symbol despite being old enough to be someone’s grandma.

Madonna’s life was always lived to the fullest, but it’s still far from over. The Vogue singer is still looking sharp and ready to hit the stage even when she’s not wearing any make-up! The photo above is hardly the most flattering, but there’s no doubt Madonna has resisted the test of time in an exemplary fashion.


Arguably the world’s most famous female celebrity, reality TV/Social Media superstar Kim Kardashian is used to dictating the trends and styles of our appearance-obsessed society. When it comes to make-up there’s nothing Kim isn’t able to pull off, but does she look good with nothing but her all-natural face?

Judging by a selfie uploaded on Social Media, Kim’s heavy use of cosmetics has taken a toll on her skin’s condition. Still, she is now probably recovered from what looks like a yucky sunburn and she’s continuing to influence the fashion decisions of over 157 million Instagram followers.


Supermodels are “super” for a reason, and if you expected Kate Upton’s all-natural picture to look great, you’re naturally right! Now working as a voice actress for the disruptive animated series Robot Chicken, Kate is a 27 years-old stunner used to getting all the attention in both the fashion runway and the movie set.

Make-up enhances Upton’s best features beautifully, but we’re in love with how relatable she looks when she’s not using cosmetics. A total girl-next-door type, Kate looks a lot more accessible when she’s drinking her morning coffee with a big zit on her forehead, but she’s nonetheless gorgeous.


Acting and producing in the controversial 2019 biographical drama Bombshell, South-African actress Charlize Theron is a “bomb” for a completely different reason. Whether she’s starring in highly-regarded movies such as Monster and Mad Max: Fury Road or representing Dior in one of its steamy perfume commercials, Theron exhales style, class, and beauty.

Despite the attempts of some hardworking paparazzi (as shown above), Theron looks gorgeous with and without make-up. Now in her mid-40s, she is one of the best-looking mothers on our list. She was married to the Irish actor Steve Townsend from 2001 to 2010.


The Swedish former model/nanny Elin Nordegren was at one point one of the U.S.’s most famous women. The former wife of professional golfer Tiger Woods, Nordegren walked out of the relationship with a whopping $100 million settlement. Now, she has just obtained her master’s degree in Psychology at Rollins College.

With both beauty and brains, Nordegren’s terrific Nordic genes hold up even without any make-up. She doesn’t need cosmetics to have beautiful cheekbones, a charming smile, and stunning blue eyes. Caught unprepared by a photographer, Nordegren proved it’s possible to look good even when you’re preparing to go to the gym with your tongue stuck out.


American comedian/actress Chelsea Handler is fighting the notion that funny woman cannot be beautiful. The former host of Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Does, and Netflix’s Chelsea, Handler has most recently released the Hello Privilege. It’s Me Chelsea documentary, focusing on the concept of white privilege in America.

Caught on the street without any make-up and with an alternative hairstyle, Chelsea had no reason to panic. She’s a good-looking woman with and without make-up, and she’s not even mainly recognized for her physical attributes! In 2012, she was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine.


In 2019, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire – Social Media tycoon Kylie Jenner – founded a new skincare brand, Kylie Skin. Selling dermis products like scrubs and moisturizers, Kylie Skin was a hit on Social Media and TikTok in particular.

Kylie has her own skin problems, as stated by her no make-up selfie. When not wearing foundation, Kylie shows some skin blemishes and it seems like she could use some of Kylie Skin’s products! Don’t take us wrong, she still looks beautiful, but she’s missing the star-quality we normally associate with the Jenners/Kardashians.


In 2001, American avant-garde director David Lynch chose a young actress by the name of Naomi Watts to star on the bizarre psychological-thriller masterpiece Mulholland Drive. Since then, she’s been one of Hollywood’s favorite actresses, appearing in highly-regarded movies such as 21 Grams, The Ring, and King Kong.

Now 51 years-old, Watts is busy working on several upcoming films and the TV mini-series The Loudest Voice. She still looks good without any make-up, but she’s far from being at her best; her beautiful blue eyes sort of disappear and she seems like she could use some color.


France’s former president Nicolas Sarkozy is hardly consensual amongst his former constituents, but do you really need anything else when you’re married to Carla Bruni? A talented French singer/actress/model, Bruni is married to Sarkozy since 2008 and she’s considered to be a national symbol of class, talent, and beauty.

Bruni’s stunning blue eyes cause an impression with and without any make-up, and we’re not buying how much older she looks on the picture of the left. Caught unprepared in what seems like a busy airport, Bruni is France’s best-looking former First Lady even when she’s not trying to.


American actress Melanie Griffith is used to being surrounded by beautiful people. Formerly married to the Hollywood hunks Don Johnson, Steven Bauer, and Antonio Banderas, she’s the mother of Fifty Shades of Grey’s rising star Dakota Johnson and the daughter of a former ’60s fashion model, Tippi Hedren.

Now 62, Melanie tops almost any woman of the same age when it comes to having beautiful genes. Still, she’s allowed to 1 or 2 bad days, as depicted above. On the picture, she’s not only yawning but she also has particularly dry lips and a big attention-grabbing zit on the nose.


In 2019, American television personality Tori Spelling was busy being The Masked Singer’s unicorn. Still best known for her acting role on the Beverly Hills, 90210 teen drama, she has been able to keep her looks throughout the years, despite being a 46 years-old hardworking mother of 5!

Spelling looks amazing when she’s fully prepped, but we’re shocked by how irritated her skin appears to be under all the cosmetics! She’s very unnaturally red and she probably needs to visit the dermatologist as soon as possible to fix what seems like a very violent rash.


If she hadn’t been famous for such a long time, we would have a tough time believing that Jennifer Lopez is now in her 50s. Whether she’s attending an event, performing, or going shopping, J.Lo always looks at the top of her game, and we can’t help but wonder how she does it.

According to The Oprah Magazine, Jen always makes sure to sleep her eight hours a night, avoid the sun, and wash her face. Of course, her $400-million fortune also allows her to buy the best skincare products out there! In 2020 she looked absolutely flawless, performing in Super Bowl LIV half-time alongside Shakira.


American actress/singer Bella Thorne is known from Duff, Blended, and Paradise City. She’s one of the most promising young stars in Hollywood at only 22 years old. Bella uses make-up to conceal the acne issues that affect so many young women. But even with the occasional pimples, Bella is unmistakably good-looking.

We do like her natural hair better than her pink-colored hairstyle, though. Other than that, we think she looks as good without any make-up on. She has perfectly designed eyebrows and beautiful lush lips. Her skin would also be pretty much flawless if it wasn’t for a couple of zits and marks.


A Social Media star and a regular at Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner was named the world’s highest-paid model in 2018. She’s a young woman living constantly under the spotlight. Since she’s rarely seen without any make-up, the picture above is one of the rare exceptions.

In the picture, she is showing a couple of zits and skin-marks that are often common for most 24-year-old women. Yet, Kendall’s all-natural snap is both revealing and mysterious. Yes, we’re getting a taste of how the “real” Kendall Jenner looks like. However, her face is half-covered by a large pair of sunglasses.


In 2015, British model/actress Cara Delevingne made a big impact in Hollywood after starring in the Paper Towns hit movie. She later consolidated her acting career by appearing in productions such as Suicide Squad and Anna Karenina. She also starred in  Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and most recently, Carnival Row.

Cara is also known for her big eyebrows, strong personality, and multiple love affairs with women. She is one of those lucky girls who can dismiss make-up completely if they want to. Make-up does make her look like a full-blown femme fatale. However, she’s equally beautiful with nothing on.


Alicia Keys was born to play and sing on stage. In fact, she was writing songs ever since she was 12 years old! This talented American woman has recently announced the release of  A.L.I.C.I.A, her upcoming 7th record. A talented and smart woman, Alicia is also incredibly beautiful with and without make-up.

Why get all prepped up to the red carpet when you like that as soon as you wake up? She was gifted with excellent hair, beautiful skin, and cute nose freckles. She just has this exotic vibe that has captured the attention of Swizz Beats. He’s a New York DJ who’s Alicia’s husband since 2010, by the way.


There are many unflattering things you can say about American singer Cardi B. Still, you cannot accuse her of not being authentic! The rapper from The Bronx never misses an opportunity to say how she truly feels. Her no-gibberish style has captured the attention of a rapidly-growing fanbase on Social Media.

An outspoken celebrity, Cardi B is all about being real. Her no-make-up snaps prove that her beauty is by no means a hoax. Now also working as an actress, Cardi B has all the ingredients she needs to become one of the world’s biggest stars. She debuted in the 2019 movie Hustlers.


American actress Heather Locklear is famous for the TV series Melrose Place and the soap opera Dynasty. In the last few years, she’s been struggling with substance abuse issues that have been in the origin of a 2-years hiatus. Heather doesn’t work in a major TV production ever since appearing in the 2017 series Too Close to Home.

Years of reckless behavior haven taken a toll on Heather’s health and loo

ks. Caught by the paparazzi without any make-up and with a big scratch on her nose, she’s expected to undergo a long recovery process following a drug overdose suffered in 2018.


Miley Cyrus’ latest song – Don’t Call Me Angel – was released in September and used as the theme song for the 2019 Charlie’s Angels remake. As a former Disney Channel teen star, Miley has been working hard to get rid of her old Hannah Montana persona and make it in the music business as a fully credited solo artist.

Known for her often controversial pictures, videos, and statements, Miley’s all-natural snap is far from being an opinion divider. After all, she looks gorgeous with and without make-up! Miley keeps fit and healthy by following a vegan lifestyle and keeping busy working as a singer, actress, and activist.


In the TV series Good Witch, American actress Catherine Bell portrays the classic character of Cassie Nightingale, and she does so remarkably. Used to be at the center of popular TV shows such as JAG and Army Wives, Bell is one of those rare women who seems to improve as the years go by.

By that, we are not only referring to her acting skills. A beautiful over-50 woman, Bell’s no make-up photo is making us sigh with jealousy. We do feel like she could use some color on her lips, but she looks amazing nonetheless.


A former Britain’s Got Talent winner, Scottish singer Susan Boyle made an impact after surprising the judges with an impressive vocal range and singing ability. Still, she was mainly popularized all over the world because of her hardly-consensual look and style.

If Boyle looks a lot like your average 50-year-old woman, that’s because she’s precisely that! Yes, she’s a global star and a very talented singer, but she’s still pretty much the same humble church-singer she was before entering Britain’s Got Talent. With or without make-up, we don’t even care… Because Susan Boyle is beautiful where it matters the most: on the inside.


In 2019, the Downtown Abbey movie finally came out. As expected, the British actress Maggie Smith was once again great in the role of Violet Crawley. Dame Maggie was always better known for her abilities as an actress more than for her good looks. However, she has recently proven that she doesn’t need make-up to look like… well, Maggie Smith!

One of the world’s most famous and celebrated actresses, Maggie is all about skill. But she’s still impressively good-looking for an 85-year-old woman. Better yet, she’s okay with not hiding her wrinkles and natural hair color.


After 12 years on air, The Rachel Maddow Show is still a major hit amongst MSNBC viewers. The responsibility for the show’s success must certainly be attributed to the woman presenting it. That is, of course, the American TV host/political commentator Rachel Maddow.

A star of the liberal news, Maddow is best known for her sharp arguments against conservatives. As expected, she looks as good—maybe even better—when she has nothing on her face, though. Your typical short-haired tomboy, Maddow’s beauty is far from conventional. Yet, it’s better perceived whenever she’s smiling and not wearing any make-up.


The 2014 short drama Voce umana could have easily slipped through the cracks if it wasn’t for the presence of an all-time European icon. We’re talking about the glamorous Italian actress Sophia Loren. She is one of the world’s best-known female actresses.

Sophia lives in a $50 million castle-like mansion outside Rome and embodies the spirit of the ’60s booming Italian film scene. We’re too humble to even question her outstanding looks. But if we did, we would have been proven wrong. At 85 years-old, Loren uses her make-up wisely, but she’s an all-time symbol of beauty regardless.


Nancy Sinatra is the daughter of Frank Sinatra, arguably one of the most celebrated singers of all-time. Used to being in the spotlight, she’s worked as a musician since 1961 and she’s still active at 79 years of age. In 2013, Nancy released her latest record, the digital-only Shifting Gears.

While Nancy’s age is noticeable, she looks great nonetheless, especially considering her age. Not all women are lucky enough to look like Jane Fonda as they approach their 80th anniversary, but Nancy is still one of the best-looking grandmas out there.


Former American actress/model/singer Barbi Benton has retired from the show business in 1986, but she caused such an impact during her 16 years career that she’s still often remembered by the fans. A former adult magazine star, she’s mainly known for her appearances in the shows The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

Now fully dedicated to her family, Benton’s occasional public appearances prove that, even in retirement, she’s a woman who knows how to take good care of herself. She looks a lot younger than 69 and she doesn’t even need make-up to pull it off.


Since the airing of the final episode of Designing Women, in 1991, actress Delta Burke has been mainly busy working in small TV appearances for shows such as The Wedding Bells and Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings. Not as professionally requested as she was in the past, Delta was at least able to keep her good looks.

Now 63 years old, she does look like someone who was subjected to the often risky world of plastic surgery. Nonetheless, Delta’s a natural cutie with a beautiful smile and a girl-next-door appeal that’s still pretty much intact these days.

In 2009, American actress Gabourey Sidibe created a buzz after being cast for the perfect role in the perfect movie: the emotional Oscar-worthy drama Precious. Although she looks nothing like one of Hollywood’s typical female lead stars, she’s been fighting prejudice and old-fashioned conventions with her acting talent and unique beauty.

In a no make-up photo shared on Social Media, the star of Empire has revealed her all-natural curly hair and we think she looks amazing! We have nothing against her usual straightened hairstyle, but we do think her natural hair gives her a different and more special character.


Brittany Matthews is a personal trainer and the owner of the Brittanny Lynne Fitness company. But ever since her long-time boyfriend Patrick Mahomes became one of Kansas City Chiefs’ star players, she’s been making a name for herself as a fully-credited celebrity.

Now an Instagram star, Brittany was well-received by both the sports fans and the paparazzi for being simultaneously beautiful and fit. As athletic as her boyfriend, she’s used to showing her face without any make-up, and nobody is complaining… After all, she looks as good at the gym as she does on the red carpet!

To many people, actress Melissa Gilbert is still the young Laura Ingalls Wilder from the nostalgic NBC series Little House on the Prairie. But ever since the show’s end in 1983, she’s been busy appearing in movies such as The Miracle Worker, Lisa Picard Is Famous and, most recently, When We Last Spoke.

An experienced make-up wearer, Gilbert knows all the little tips and tricks to make the most out of her cosmetic products. But does she need all that? Judging by an all-natural picture that has recently appeared online, she is fully ready to leave the house even without any make-up on.


Known for Country classics such as Jolene, I Will Always Love You, and Coat of Many Colors, Dolly Parton is one of the most successful singers of the 20th century and she’s still active today. Her most recent record, I Believe in You, was the latest out of an impressive discography that includes over 60 original albums!

Now 73 years old, Dolly Parton is rarely seen without any make-up. But one thing’s for sure: she looks great every time she shows up in public, and she was able to maintain the same freshness and unique charisma that characterized her younger self.


It’s hard to believe American actress Susan Sarandon is 73 years-old already! Popularized by the movies Thelma & Louise and Stepmom, she has most recently starred in The Big Lebowski’s spin-off The Jesus Rolls. She’s the embodiment of the expression “natural beauty”.

Sarandon was never that much into cosmetics, preferring to keep a natural and discreet make-up style, but, to be fair, she never had to! This over-70 woman has the skin of a 30-year-old and was gifted with great hair, a charming smile, and the ability to cause an impression with nothing but her all-natural attributes.


American actress Heather Thomas is not far from being every man’s dream woman. After all, she’s a tall, fit, smart, and wealthy blue-eyed blonde beauty! It’s a killer combination from the woman who starred in the TV series The Fall Guy and, most recently, in the musical web series Girltrash: All Night Long.

Some women look as good without make-up as they do while wearing it, but in Heather’s case, we can go as far as saying she can kiss all make-up goodbye! Now 62, Heather is married to the lawyer Skip Brittenham since 1992 and has 1 child.


The future is looking bright for Zoe Saldana, who played Gamora in 2019’s hit super-hero movie Avengers: Endgame. With up to 5 Avatar sequels scheduled to come out, she will be working on world-class Hollywood blockbusters at least until 2027!

Zoe is surely proud of her outstanding acting career, but that’s only one of the reasons she has to feel blessed. This 41 years-old mother of 3 is lucky enough to not care about make-up at all; her all-natural look is stunning enough to steal away the spotlight and make every straight man on the planet drool.


In the follow-up to the release of her latest record, High Road, American singer Kesha surprised her fans by showing up with black hair. The blonde-to-brunette switch had its fans and its critics but it didn’t change the fact that Kesha is a natural Californian beauty.

Whenever Kesha is not playing live or gracing the red carpet, she’s taking impressive make-up-free selfies at home. There’s a case to be made regarding Kesha’s heavy use of make-up because she looks even cuter when she’s not wearing any cosmetics! We love her never-seen-before freckles, terrific skin, beautiful green eyes, and lush lips.


English actress Kate Beckinsale was popularized after appearing in the Underworld movies and Hollywood productions such as Pearl Harbor and The Aviator. Now starring in the TV series The Widow, this hardworking mother of 1 is making the mid-40s look like the new mid-20s!

Saying Kate looks 20 years younger may be an overstatement, but there’s no denying that she looks amazing for a 46-year-old woman! A graceful ager, Kate will be very busy in the new decade, with two upcoming 2020 movies on the schedule: the action flick Jolt and the Charlie Day-directed comedy El Tonto.


In 2018, American actress/TV personality NeNe Leakes joined the all-African-American cast of Uncle Drew for one of the year’s funniest movies. With a background in the TV series Glee and The New Normal, NeNe has also made an impression as a The Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars contestant.

NeNe loves to get dolled-up and make-up does help her to look a lot more like a star. But she’s a good-looking woman even when she’s not getting set up for the red carpet, especially considering she’s 52 years old.


Linda Cardellini first gained fame when she appeared in the show Freaks and Geeks, but she later grew a bigger fanbase after she starred in the Scooby-Doo movies. She always had a charming face, and her facial features make it easy for her to look flawless even without makeup.

She took care of her skin over the years, and it’s why she still looks incredible in her movies and shows today. In recent years, Cardenellini has been starring in the series called Dead To Me. Her performance even earned her a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.


Martha Stewart is a famous TV personality who also found success as an author and businesswoman. She isn’t the type who would sport an over-the-top glam look, so seeing her bare face won’t come as a surprise to many of you. She even doesn’t mind posting her laidback selfies online.

She deals with wrinkles like many women in their 70s, but it seems like it doesn’t bother her. Stewart is still far from disappearing from the limelight, and, in 2020, she made appearances in shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Drew Barrymore Show.


Wendy Williams showed off her new figure when she returned to her show in 2020 after the lockdown. She was boasting about her 25-pound weight loss and how she did it by changing her eating habits. But the former shock jockette and current host of The Wendy Williams Show also has a pretty impressive skin tone.

In fact, in May 2020, she shared a rare no makeup video promoting an interview she was doing on Good Day D.C. The secret to her beautiful skin? according to her, it’s moisturizing. She’s doesn’t just do her face either, moisturizing her whole body. She advises doing it while the skin is still wet.


Actress Demi Moore has access to the best professional makeup artists available, and this is why she always looks like a goddess on the red carpet. You might think that she’s perfect, but she also has imperfections like everyone else. Her candid photos would show you that her skin is flawless.

Nonetheless, it looks like she’s taking good care of it and trying her best to stay flawless. She revealed that she got work done in the past, but not on her face. Moore is best known for her roles in Ghost and A Few Good Men. Reports say she’s part of the upcoming film called Songbird.


Laura Prepon achieved mainstream fame in the Hollywood scene during the late ’90s thanks to her lead role in That ’70s Show. You might remember that she had red hair on the show, but she sports a darker color in real life. Her beautiful glowing skin makes her look like a real-life Snow White.

She fixes herself up well, but she also loves spending a regular day without any products on her face. You will even see her post bare-faced selfies on her social media pages. Prepon starred in Orange Is the New Black in recent years, and she currently has no upcoming roles yet.


Knowing how Michelle Ryan landed her first role on TV when she was a teenager, she must have certainly picked up a trick or two when it comes to presenting herself. After all, she was born in 1984 in North London and started portraying Zoe on EastEnders in 2000.

Even though she’s less active now, whenever we get to see her both in real life and on TV, she looks absolutely amazing. It appears that there’s no difference in Ryan’s good looks whether she’s out shopping or attending a red-carpet event. Her last acting gig was on an episode of Dark Stories in 2020.


While portraying Kat on EastEnders, we rarely ever get to see Jessie Wallace flaunting all-natural looks; whenever we do, she leaves us in awe. Let’s not forget that she’s almost 50 at the moment, being born in 1971, and hardly has a wrinkle on her.

Though she’s not shared any tips to achieve such good looks at this age, we can suppose that her $5-million fortune has played its part. Wallace left the soap opera in 2016 but thankfully returned after a couple of years, during which she played in Redwater.


From Peak Practice to Hearts and Bones and as of 2020, the Industry series, Sarah Parish has portrayed multiple characters for as long as she’s been acting. There’s always been one constant, though, and that’s her outstanding looks. She’s 52 right now and makes no exception.

Even if she’s just waking up, it seems like Parish looks just as pretty. Of course, according to The Daily Mail, she has done some procedures in her time, but nothing that alters her face. In fact, she’s known to have paid around $4.8K getting an ultra-sound cosmetic facial treatment in London.


After leaving EastEnders in 2004 due to some alcohol-related accusations, Elaine Lordan slowly withdrew herself from the spotlight. She did first appear on shows like I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! and Soapstar Superstar, though. Regardless, she hasn’t acted professionally for over a decade and a half now.

When The Daily Mail spotted her jogging with her husband during the lockdown in 2020, we have to admit that she looked amazing. It was a pleasant sight, especially seeing how inactive she’s been these years. In fairness, Elaine always knew how to amaze us with her looks, and it looks as though she still has that effect!