Amy Schumer has the honor of anchoring Saturday Night Live for the third time in her career. In the past, she has done it on May 12, 2018, and October 10, 2015. As soon as she stepped out for the monologue, fans started to laugh, and it was yet another amazing performance.

Schumer wrote on Instagram the day following the show’s Sunday broadcast to discuss a tragic occurrence that happened earlier in the week. She missed Thursday’s SNL rehearsals because she had to take her 3-year-old kid to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Children’s hospitals are bursting at the seams with fresh instances of the RSV virus, which is fast spreading across the nation. Although an increase in cases is predicted each year, it usually doesn’t happen until December, leaving many medical professionals unsure of the future. It might be fatal if it is not properly handled.

“The most challenging week of my life had just ended. I had to miss the rehearsals since on Thursday my son was taken to the ER and admitted to the hospital with RSV. Greetings to all the parents who are enduring this right now. The entire hospital day was spent with her child,” according to Amy Schumer’s Instagram post, and he is now “home and healthy.”

Her three-year-old son, Gene David, was born to Schumer via cesarean section on May 5, 2019, as a result of her endometriosis, a rare condition affecting the female reproductive system. Later, she had her uterus removed in order to relieve some of the pain caused by the sickness. She has been married to Chris Fischer since 2018.

In the Instagram post, Schumer also expressed her gratitude to the “amazing people” at SNL for their consideration and assistance while she was enjoying the day with her family. She thanked Lorne Michaels for putting together a group of “the most amazing people with the finest souls,” in Schumer’s words, and said she was grateful to him.

“The true reasons this production is such a joy to stage are not the performance or the show per se. The advantage is spending time with the locals. In addition to the performers and writers, the crew workers who keep things operating smoothly behind the scenes are my favorites,” according to Schumer. Most likely, she won’t host SNL again.

When a parent has to rush their child to the hospital and learns they have the respiratory syncytial virus, Amy Schumer is familiar with the agony and worry that results. Two days later, she hosted Saturday Night Live.

We recently ran a story about a mother from Ohio who rushed her two-month-old son to the hospital when he started showing signs of the RSV. She was ready because her eldest son had gone through the exact same thing six years previously, so she was aware of the symptoms and warning signs.

Since no one has been exposed to COVID-19 previously due to the pandemic that has kept everyone at home for the past two years, many children and infants are now suffering from severe cases of the disease. Hospitals are seeing more elderly patients for the same reasons.

We should expect a continuous surge in cases and a continued rush of hospitals because this virus frequently starts spreading in December. Therefore, it’s essential to practice good hygiene, which includes often washing your hands and avoiding contact with anyone who may be ill. We can go through this if we are aware.