Nine women have been working on a top-secret project for the past 30 years. There are some stories that can hold the attention of the entire world. This also applies to the nine ladies who have changed the lives of several families.

For the past 30 years, they have secretly performed acts of charity that have brought satisfaction and joy to others. What precisely were they doing? Years later, everything was revealed, shocking their family.

Nine women impressed the entire globe with their deeds. No one in their families or close friends knew they had been helping dozens of families or that they had been doing philanthropic work for 30 years.

They were childhood friends who made the decision to better the impoverished households. The nine women in Tennessee, USA, kept everything secret for three decades. To keep their families from finding out what they were doing, they started their day at 4 a.m.

Years later, when the truth came out, their husbands couldn’t say a word. The nine are referred to as “The Nine Aunts” since they are well-known. Despite not having any blood relations, they are regarded as sisters.

After meeting a couple who were consistently successful in their neighborhood, the women came to their choice. They recalled that while playing cards, the person who had raised them used to bake cakes and send them to families who had lost a loved one. Every time she heard about someone’s passing, the woman started preparing cakes to comfort the living.

The nine buddies had saved money by doing their own laundry when they first started. Because it is customary in America to wash clothes in the laundry, women started setting aside $ 400 each month without their husbands’ knowledge. They spent the money on baking cakes for deceased family members, buying clothing and food for children with single parents, paying widows’ expenses secretly, and performing humanitarian activities.

One of the sisters claimed that they searched for dark houses while driving through the suburbs. Most likely to have their power shut off were those without access to light. “I searched the suburbs for homes without lights, which indicated that their water, power, and other services had been cut off. The following evening, we would go back and leave them a small package.”

After their secret was revealed, the spouses were astounded by their generosity, and several even accompanied them on their journeys to locate others in need. Currently, the nine aunts manage a cake business through which they generate revenue for the underprivileged. Their act served as a shining example for everyone in the community.