On Tuesday, the family of Halyna Hutchins filed a death sentence petition against actor Alec Baldwin. At the same time, they released a disturbing video depicting how he murdered Halyna Hutchins, the director of photography for the film “Rust.” The Murder of Halyna Hutchins on the Set of “Rust,” a strange animated film, employs computer-generated characters of Baldwin and others.

Alec Baldwin is accused of killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The clip shows the actor pulling the trigger on a propelled handgun with white rounds when it should have been a propelled pistol with white bullets. Baldwin is suspected of firing the only round that killed Halyna and then shooting director Joel Souza in the collarbone.

“Many individuals are to blame, but Mr. Baldwin was the one with the pistol, and he would not have died if he hadn’t fired. He has a large amount of the blame, but there are others, and that’s all there is to it – determining a fair division of blame for those responsible for the catastrophe “Brian Panish, Hutchins’ lawyer, said at a press conference in Los Angeles.

Her family’s lawyers exhibited the nearly 10-minute animated film during the news conference. This features a scary scene of Hutchins’ chest being shot. The video’s details were both shocking and revealing.

Alec Baldwin has handed over his phone to authorities in New Mexico, who are probing a fatal shooting on a movie location.

In October of last year, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot when Mr Baldwin, 63, practiced drawing a pretend gun on the set of the film Rust.

The actor turned over his gadget to authorities near his home in New York, according to the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office.

The actor had previously stated that he was not cooperating with the investigation.

As part of their investigation into the event, Santa Fe County Sheriff spokesperson Juan Rios told the Los Angeles Times on Friday that authorities intend to collect data such as text messages and voicemails from the phone.

Mr Baldwin’s lawyer, Aaron Dyer, told BBC partner CBS News that his client had handed over the phone voluntarily.

“But this isn’t about his phone,” Mr Dyer explained, “and there are no answers on his phone.” “There was nothing wrong with Alec.”

Mr Baldwin was rehearsing drawing a pretend gun when it discharged while filming Rust, a western, but he insists he “didn’t pull the trigger.”

According to a complaint filed against Mr Baldwin, he was not required to discharge a gun when he fatally shot Ms Hutchins because of a film script.

Mr Baldwin’s and the film’s producers’ actions were described by lawyers as “reckless,” and they were accused of failing to observe safety regulations.