He posted on his Instagram Story, “I really thought I’d be able to take the stage and it kills me to deliver this so close to showtime,”

Just before he was scheduled to play, Morgan Wallen canceled his gig in Mississippi on Sunday night due to voice problems.

This weekend, before his second night at the University of Mississippi’s Vaught Hemingway Stadium, a message was shown on the video boards inside the venue that saddened those in attendance.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Morgan cannot perform tonight due to a vocal loss. “The notice stated that the show had been cancelled for tonight. “I ask that you proceed cautiously to the stadium exits. Refunds for tonight’s event will be available at the moment of purchase.”

Several thousand admirers had already gathered inside the stadium at the time of the announcement, and some were posting pictures from the occasion on social media as they awaited the 29-year-old country star.

Others claimed that after waiting inside the venue for Wallen to show up for three hours, they were disappointed to see the message displayed on the stadium’s screens.

According to the Tennessean, all three opening acts—HARDY, ERNEST, and Nate Smith—performed their sets before word of Wallen’s cancellation spread.

The “Thought You Should Know” singer apologized on his Instagram Story for missing the One Night At a Time World Tour and said he had lost his voice. This was done as supporters inside the arena were told of Wallen’s cancellation.

“I spent the day sleeping, speaking with my doctor, and working through my vocal exercises to recover after last night’s performance,” Wallen wrote. “I thought I’d be able to take the stage, and it kills me to deliver this so close to stage time, but my voice is shot, and I’m unable to sing.”

“At the time of purchase, all tickets will be refunded. I apologize; I assure you that I tried my best.”

The following performance by Wallen is slated for this Thursday in Grand Rapids, Mississippi, after which the remainder of the summer and fall tour will begin.

A few days prior, on Thursday night at his performance in Louisville, Kentucky, Wallen suffered a serious injury. The country singer could be seen strolling onstage as he performed his duet with Diplo titled “Heartless,” as the fog onstage obscured his visibility and caused him to slip and fall in front of his fans, according to a TikTok shared by a fan after the show.

After regaining his equilibrium, he smiled at the audience and resumed singing. Later, he made a goofy expression to make light of the event.

The tour is named after Wallen’s third studio album, One Thing at a Time, published in March and features 36 songs, including singles like “Last Night” and “Thinkin’ Bout Me.”

“This record represents the last few years of my life, the highs and the lows,” the “You Proof” singer said in a press statement in January. It also combines hip-hop, alternative, and country music, forming me as an artist.

“We just kept experimenting with new words, music, and production concepts, and these songs seemed right to me,” he continued. “There are 36 songs on this album. I was thrilled to be back in the studio to lay this out for my fans since it was a blast to make.”

Wallen encountered significant blowback in February 2021 due to being captured on camera by his Nashville neighbors using the n-word. Later, he expressed regret and stated he was “embarrassed.”

At the time, he apologized and expressed his embarrassment. “I regret using a disrespectful and unprofessional derogatory racial slur. There are never any justifications for using this terminology.”