After a tough day at work, a father assumed he would relax when he got home and not have to worry about the crying kids who needed him.

However, his wife soon had enough of his actions and left him. That’s what he had to say about it, that now it was his turn to look after the kids.

,,My darling,

A few days ago we had a bad argument. I had arrived home and was very tired. It was 20:00. All I wanted was to fall on the couch and watch the game.

You were also very exhausted and in a bad mood. The children were grumbling, and the little one was screaming as you prepared him for bed.

I turned up the volume so I wouldn’t hear anything.

You could help me a little and participate in the education of our children! “You told me angrily, turning off the TV.”

I replied irritably: I worked all day, so you could stay home and play with the children.

The quarrel began, one after another the arguments overflowed. You were crying because you were tired and upset.

I told you many bad things. You were shouting that you could no longer live like this. Then you left home, leaving me alone with the children.

I had to feed them myself and put them to bed. You didn’t come back the next day. I took time off work and stayed home with them.

I went through all the tears and upsets.

I ran all day around the house, not having a moment to take a bath.

At the same time, I warmed the milk, dressed the children, and cleaned the kitchen. Simultaneous.

I was locked in the house all day, without the opportunity to talk to anyone over the age of 10.

I didn’t have the opportunity to sit at the table and enjoy the food – I always had to watch the children.

I was so tired that I could sleep for 20 hours. But this was not possible, because the baby wakes up and screams every three hours.

I lived without you for two days and one night. I understood everything.

I understand how tired you are.

I understand that motherhood means permanent sacrifice.

I understand that this is a more complicated task than sitting in the office for 10 hours and making important financial decisions.

I understand that you have given up your career and financial freedom for the sake of children.

I understand how difficult it is when your financial situation depends only on your partner.

I understand what you give up when you refuse to go to a party or the gym with your friends. You practically can’t deal with what you like and you don’t get enough sleep.

I understand how you feel when you are locked in a house with children and you can’t talk to anyone over the age of 10.

I understand why you get upset when my mother criticizes your educational methods. No one can understand children better than their mother.

I understand that mothers have the greatest responsibility in the community. A responsibility that, unfortunately, no one understands or appreciates.

I’m writing you this letter not just to tell you how much I miss you. I don’t want another day to pass without you hearing these words:

You are very brave, you do great and I admire you!”