Tragic events will unavoidably happen occasionally in a flawed world populated with broken people.

Even if some people may infrequently surrender to the inevitability of such bad luck, there are other circumstances that are so horrifyingly unpleasant that they make you wonder: How much loss can a person, in all honesty, endure?

The death of William “Billie” Nelson, Jr., the son of American musician William Hugh Nelson, Sr., was found inside the cabin he had been residing in near Davidson, Tennessee, on Christmas Day in 1991.

Everyone agreed that this was the worst Christmas gift they had ever received. Billie had hung himself.

A year before to the terrible incident he was engaged in, Billie enrolled himself to a drug and alcohol rehab facility and was doing well. Who could have guessed that things would have progressed to this point?

Nelson was forced to stop working on a gospel album he had been working on because of how severely the tremor affected him in order to grieve the death of his son.

When Nelson’s first wife, Martha Matthews, died around the time we celebrate Christmas in 1989, the dreadful weight of grief had already gripped the Nelson family two years prior to Billie’s passing.

It is reasonable to assume that Martha and Nelson did not have the most well-known happy marriage in history, given the fact that Martha eventually learned that Nelson had been cheating on her.

Celebrities are usually crushed in ways that the paparazzi typically overlook, behind the love they generate in their fans, the nearly unattainable degree of prosperity they represent, and the glitter they wear. Stars are real people. They are not immune to damage.

There is no assurance that success, notoriety, or wealth will bring happiness. Additionally, they in no way shield a person from going through their own pain and loss.

And although while tragedy is typically the starting point from which artistic creations are created, tragedy is still just tragedy. Even the most well-known persons in the world are not immune.