Robert Reboredo was fighting an exceptionally aggressive form of cancer, and his devoted wife Jessica worked hard and saved every tip she could to pay his medical bills and take care of their 4-year-old boy so he wouldn’t miss anything, all while her darling husband was passing away.

Because she couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel, Jessica had to drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, the final location where Robert was hospitalized. At times, she even had to sleep in the vehicle.

However, her life suddenly changed. The young woman was suddenly receiving tips from the clients on what had been a typical day. She was thankful when she received $200, but when she started getting even more money—$500—she couldn’t believe it!

Then, after asking her how much the last client had left her, one of the clients paid her $1,000! Jessica then began crying in public.

“Folks, you really don’t know how much this means to me. My husband is in the hospital, I almost lost him last week. ”

It seems that Kimberly, the girl’s old teacher, was responsible for this lovely story. Kimberly had meticulously planned out every every detail.

Here’s what truly happened: