The news that a gunman was loose in University of Virginia on November 13 caused students and others to fear for their safety. According to reports, three students were killed and two more were hurt.

Following a news conference, it was discovered that all three of the deceased victims were UVA football players, and the suspect in their deaths was also a former player. Lavel Davis Jr., D’Sean Perry, and Devin Chandler were the victims, according to UVA president Jim Ryan.

Davis Jr., a wide receiver for the Cavaliers, was 20 years old, according to Katie Couric on Instagram. The rising star, who was slated to graduate this December, was the oldest member of his family.

Thaddeus Davis, Davis’s father, described his son as a “role model” for his younger brother and sister. “I lost my child. ” My firstborn,” Thaddeus said to NBC News. He added that his son had the ability to “light up a room just with a smile.”

At the time of his death, Perry was 22 years old and was regarded by his coaches and teammates as a “do it all defender.” Perry was a senior defensive end and linebacker. Katie Couric claims that his parents are “heartbroken” over the death of their cherished son.

For the Cavaliers, Chandler was just a second-year player. He was a skilled kick returner and a wide receiver for the team. Chandler, who had previously played for the University of Wisconsin, was a transfer athlete as well.

The two teenagers who were shot are still receiving treatment at a nearby hospital. If those two students were also football players has not been confirmed. The condition of one of the injured students has been classified as stable, while the other is still serious.

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., a former UVA football player, has been further named by ESPN as the shooter. He was detained shortly after that.

Jones was listed as a freshman running back on the team’s 2018 roster, according to ESPN. Before UVA recruited him, he attended Varina High School and Petersburg High School. At this point, Jones Jr. is unknown to us in any other way.

Jim Ryan said at the press conference, “This is an unbearably sad day for our town. “This morning, the entire campus community is in mourning. My prayers are with the victims, their families, and everyone who knew and cared about them. My heart is devastated for them. As I’ve previously stated, I see my own children in our students, and I can’t think of anything worse for a parent than losing a child.”