A mother can understand and overlook any misbehavior and still love her children with the same passion. They move on and continue to teach us important life lessons about behavior, attitude, and generally how to improve ourselves and have peaceful lives.

Some mothers are simply overly tolerant, which is bad for a child’s education. Children look up to their parents as role models, therefore if a mother doesn’t worry about how her children act, she can later receive unpleasant surprises.

The woman in the following story reacts after she is told by restaurant patrons and staff that she shouldn’t let her child urinate in a bowl of soup. Yes, you read that correctly. Why? Because of social media.

Manners are absolutely necessary in places like restaurants. When it comes to attitude, dress style, how you sit, eat, stand, use the restroom, and other things, people pay close attention to everything.

In Beijing, this woman went to a restaurant with her child, and after they had finished their meal, the toddler had to use the restroom. She suggested her child use a bowl off the table and urinate inside since she was too preoccupied with her social media account, leaving likes, hearts, shares, and comments.

The young man carried out his action without second-guessing. After all, it must be the right thing to do if mommy says so.

When people saw her son doing it, they immediately called the staff to report it as unacceptable and request for it to be corrected. She was warned by the personnel that such actions are not permitted, even if her family did live in the cave.

Although we don’t know for sure if she does, we assume that she does based on the way she thinks and makes decisions. The lady responded:

“The staff will clean them while the restaurant is closed, so it doesn’t matter.”

The mother won’t be permitted to enter that restaurant any longer, and maybe everyone will hear about her actions, resulting in her being banned from all establishments that offer food.

She has no justification for her actions, and we simply cannot understand how she thinks. This young person needs better education. What are your thoughts on this? Send your friends this article!