What is it about parents writing about their children’s lunches on the internet that causes every internet troll to appear and start making a comment about nutrition? Parents should be able to pick what their children consume, right?

Many people utilize social media platforms and apps like TikTok to get ideas for their children’s lunches in order to liven up the routine and even come up with solutions for picky eaters. Surprisingly, what appears to be a fantastic tool for mothers may occasionally become unpleasant.

Someone who saw a TikTok video of a parent revealing what she packed for her kids’ school lunches accused her of “child abuse” because of the food she serves them. The charge… seems baffling.

TikTok mom @tarasfarmtotable uses the platform to provide cooking advise to her 612,000 followers. There are many individuals who appear to be quite interested in what she has to offer. Tara frequently allows us to peek inside her children’s lunchboxes before and after meals.

That box may be empty, or it could be just a few nibbles short. It’s completely real and completely relatable. She also offers parents a variety of lunch options. It’s a really good meal.

Tara was accused of “child abuse” by a user who has since deleted their profile for allegedly overfeeding her preschooler. “Just another day of being accused of child abuse because I don’t want my almost 5-year-old to go hungry while she’s in school for six hours,” Tara adds, furious.

We totally understand why the insult has worn her down. She’s bringing three slices of turkey, each with a cheese stick curled inside, as well as strawberries, grapes, pretzel sticks, carrot chips, and roughly a teaspoon of Nutella. Seriously? What exactly is the problem?

TikTok shared our confusion. Tara put together a balanced and nutritious meal. There isn’t even fast food. To be honest, it’s far superior to the food that occasionally makes its way into our children’s lunchboxes.

“Could you please tag me in what she ate?” According to a comment with nearly 22K likes.

People were looking for the user who made the ridiculous charge.

Someone pointed out that Tara is surrounded by pros. “I’ve heard a few nutritionists praise you, saying you’re doing an excellent job as a mother and that adults today don’t eat enough!”  Someone stated, “You make sacrifices for your child.”

After all, it is her child.

“She doesn’t even have to eat it since her mom knows what she’s doing; how are you guys going to tell her what to do with her child?” remarked another.

Those who work in schools appreciate the quantity and variety of the portions. “Trust me, some of those kids can eat; I work with pre-k students at an elementary school.” “They bring their own food, but they keep asking for more,” according to one person.

Every child in the country returns from school with food in their lunchbox sometimes. This just serves to show that she is not “abusing” her children by overfeeding them. Tara is merely offering them more options, which many people like.

“Awww, at least he tried,” another person said.

Tara not only gives her followers ideas for kid-friendly lunches, but she also tells them what ingredients they’ll need for the week’s menu. She routinely takes images of her grocery shop and other food stuff from retailers like Target to show how she feeds her family.

Be cautious of spoilers: not everything is made of fresh vegetables. Tacos and chips are also available. You know, like a lot of families.

Tara’s children are extremely fortunate to have a mother who values them enough to give them with a range of healthy foods.