It’s the most wonderful time of year to be alive and well! The holiday season is a time to rejoice, to make things joyful and bright, and to gather with close friends and family.

The final one is the one that causes the most problems. Even in the best of circumstances, flying can be a stressful experience, but it may be required to visit our loved ones.

To put it mildly, traveling over the holidays may be stressful. When children are included, the likelihood of a smooth and stress-free experience reduces dramatically. Everything becomes more challenging when children are present.

One toddler’s actions were so… loud that they rapidly became a topic of conversation on Reddit.

In a ten-second video, the kid was seen on hidden camera bouncing up and down on the tray table and rocking the seat in front of them.

“The seat in front of me occurred to be taken by a gentleman with a great deal of patience. Despite the toddler bouncing off of him and pushing him around, the dad maintained his cool and maintained a neutral expression on his face.”

As previously stated, the absence of aviation manners, or the lack of good manners in general, has a tendency to get people going, and this video was no exception. In fact, the majority of people’s reactions to this child’s behavior were harsher.

Despite the fact that the event had already happened, Reddit users offered a wide range of suggestions for what the man should have done in this particular situation.

Someone advised, “…If the child is old enough, I’ll tell them Santa isn’t real.” “Recline your seat as quickly as you can,” another user suggested.

Someone else commented that they should have considered calling a flight attendant to help them.

“Ask gently once. Beyond that, you should avoid confronting them and instead request the flight attendant.”

If the problem could not be resolved on the first try, the Reddit user suggested that an air marshal be summoned or that the flight attendant threaten to tell the captain, who might decide to ground the plane as a result of the interruption.

People were most upset with the adults who were present but did nothing while their children were being naughty.

Of course, people were furious at the parents who allowed their children to ruin this poor man’s journey in such an awful way.

“I would feel like a failing parent if my kids were doing this and I was just plainly allowing it,” one person said.

There was a lot of back and forth, with insults like “selfish,” “idiotic,” and “moron” flying around. When will airlines finally create “child free” sections, a topic that has been on many travelers’ thoughts for quite some time, the general public eventually wondered.