An unimaginable catastrophe struck a family in Alabama. On a hot July day, Linda and her daughter Maggie, age 5, were lying around in their backyard pool. The two exited the water after some time had passed. Little Maggie played with the dolls in the shade as the mother reclined on a sunbed to get tan.

Linda went to the kitchen to make some food since Maggie was hungry. She never considered what might happen, not even in her wildest dreams.

When Maggie sat down beside the pool to retrieve a toy she dropped, she slipped and fell into the water. The girl started screaming because she does not know how to swim, but her mother did not hear her.

The family’s pit bull, Copper, charged in at full speed and dove into the pool as the mother arrived from the house. He took Maggie’s hand and joined her in the water. After frantically running, Linda pulled the young child from the pool.

Maggie was conscious despite having ingested a lot of water. After Linda dialed 911 right away, a team showed up. After administering first aid, the doctors discovered that young Maggie was not in any danger.

“I was only five minutes away, and I knew Maggie was playing peacefully with the toys, so I went to the kitchen to prepare her a lunch,” Linda recalls that moment with terror. ” Although I didn’t hear her cry, I did hear Cooper run into the water to help her and there was a loud splash.” Cooper’s ability to save Maggie is a blessing. He is a remarkable dog, and we adore him just as much as our children.

The fact that Cooper dislikes swimming in pools or the water startled Linda the most.

Despite our best efforts to acclimate Cooper, he has consistently refused to join us in the pool because he is terrified of the water, according to Linda.

The fact that Cooper sprang to help Maggie without stopping to think about his fear of the water speaks a lot about the spirit and bravery of this dog.

A pit bull once more demonstrates the falsity of the name that certain people and the media have given to them. The world’s most devoted and loyal dogs are pit bulls.

Sadly, the news does not cover these stories.  Cooper, you are a hero. Bravo!