The family of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who passed away on the “Rust” movie set in 2021, and Alec Baldwin have reportedly struck an undisclosed settlement in the wrongful death case made against the actor and others, according to a statement released by the actor’s attorney.

A lawsuit alleging several violations of industry norms was launched in Santa Fe in February against Baldwin, the film’s production companies, producers, and other significant crew members.

The release states that the executive producer will be Matthew Hutchins, widower of the site victim Halyna Hutchins.

“Subject to court approval, we have reached a settlement in our wrongful death action against Alec Baldwin and Rust Movie Productions, LLC. The dismissal of our complaint is a part of that arrangement. Rust will start filming in January 2023 with the participation of the whole original principal cast.”

“I’ll take over as executive producer now. No, I’m not interested in offering justifications or taking the blame (to the producers or Mr. Baldwin). We’re in agreement that Halyna’s death was a tragic accident. “I am thrilled that the creators and the entertainment industry have joined to celebrate Halyna’s final effort,” Hutchins said in a statement.

“Everyone has maintained a particular commitment to act in Halyna’s son’s best interests throughout this difficult journey. Alec Baldwin’s attorney Luke Nikas of Quinn Emanuel issued the following statement: “We are thankful to everyone who assisted in resolving this terrible and unpleasant problem.

The movie’s director, Joel Souza, who was harmed while filming, is expected to make a recovery.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to spend time with Halyna knew how gifted, caring, and creative she was. I just wish she had been exposed to the world under different circumstances, as her magnificent work would have definitely done so.”

“Only if it involved Matt and the Hutchins family would any choice to return and finish directing the film make sense for me in terms of my personal recovery. Despite the fact that it is surely heartbreaking, I am glad that Halyna and I will now collaborate to complete what we started. I’m going to put all I’ve got into this movie to honor Halyna and carry on her legacy.”

Through its attorney Melina Spadone of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, Rust Movie Productions, LLC said, “We are glad the parties got together to resolve this dispute.” This resolution represents a significant accomplishment in honoring Halyna’s life and acknowledging her contributions.

The complaint also claimed that the production firms and producers “cut shortcuts” and “chose to recruit the cheapest crew possible,” pointing out in particular how they “knowingly engaged a fully untrained armorer” and asked her to divide time in a second capacity as assistant props master.

Jason Bowles, who represented Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who portrayed the armorer on “Rust,” expressed the hope that the settlement will be viewed as a “measure of Justice”

Hannah is grateful that the Hutchins family will gain from this settlement and that the legal dispute between the parties was satisfactorily resolved. According to Bowles, we are hopeful the district attorneys’ office will decide not to file charges because they feel that some justice has been done in respect to this sad situation.

The settlement agreement won’t have an impact on the ongoing criminal investigation into the case, a spokesperson for the Santa Fe district attorney said.

According to Heather Brewer, a representative for the Office of the First Judicial District Attorney of New Mexico, criminal charges only deal in the facts. Criminal prosecutions merely deal with the facts, she continued, whereas civil issues are resolved privately and may result in monetary rewards. If the facts and the evidence warrant it under New Mexico law, charges will be brought. Everyone is subject to the law.