Yesterday, a homeless man approached me, dirty and sad, without shoes and a torn shirt, he asked me for $ 20, I gave him $ 50, he said, “Thank you very much! “.

I exclaimed, “Take care of yourself!” But he didn’t take his eyes off me, his face suddenly lit up with joy.

He said, “Don’t you remember me?”

We went to high school together, I’m Ross!

I looked at him Oh, my God! Ross, of course, I remember, once we fought and you won, but another time you defended me from a guy who was going to hit me! What happened to you?

– Sad, he told me: everything happened to me! I joined a gang, I drank alcohol, cigarettes, women, I left three pregnant women, I stole, I beat people, I was in prison 7 times, my children are a disaster, they don’t want me, I thought about suicide twice and now I’m begging to eat and drink… that’s all that happened to me!

I lowered my head and said,

– How sad! He, with a smile, replied: “I already have food for today, take care of yourself!” And he left with a trembling and insecure gait.

On the way home I came to think about why our lives took different directions if we had the same conditions and opportunities as children, and I answered at the same time! The difference between his present and mine was MY PARENTS !! !

Yes, because I had the “worst” mother and the “worst” father in the world! While they let him out on the street playing and doing what went through his head, I had rules and schedules, and punishments if I didn’t do everything on time! While he was not told anything if he did not go to school, I was punished if I missed school or if I was just late… While he was allowed to eat anything in town, smoke, drink, to speak ill of the elderly!

I had to eat vegetable soup or long soup made of chicken cutlery, drink milk and water! Smoking or drinking?

I didn’t even dare talk about this topic !!

Speaking badly or responding inappropriately? A look that cut, with a slap on the back of the mouth! Thank you mom, thank you, dad!

Because I had the worst mother and the worst father in the world, it’s me today, and it’s not him!

Today I thank God that I had those parents who raised me with love and discipline. Thank you, my dear parents, I carry you in my soul today, tomorrow, and always. That is why I insist!