Ukrainian Model Anastasia Pokreshchuk is popularly known for her unique look of protruding cheeks. The 32-Year-Old has been quite open about going under the knife, and recently, she decided to reveal her before-surgery photos. Anastasia shared a throwback photo of herself with a slender face and glowing skin before becoming addicted to cheek fillers.

Ukrainian model Pokreshchuk is known for having the “world’s biggest cheeks.

But the famous influencer looked a lot different when she was a teenager.

As seen, the influencer kept her makeup to a minimum with a touch of lipstick and coral eyeshadow, and her naturally curly hair was pushed back off her face with a colorful headband. Her appearance is lengthily far apart from the chiseled, groomed, and the pouty look she now rocks. So far, the photo which showed what she looked at 16 vs. 32 has been liked over 9000 times.

Anastasia seems to prefer her cosmetically enhanced looks even despite criticisms.

Her first filler was at 26. She has since also got lip filler and Botox injected into her forehead.

In the comment section, mixed reactions emerged, with many disagreeing about which photo Anastasia looks best in. “You were so beautiful before.” One person wrote. Another added: “What sort of look was that? I love you now.” While a third stated: “There was a young girl and she became a confident, bright and beautiful woman. Well done.”

The 32-Year-old, as seen when aged 16 [left], had a slender face and glowing skin before her cheek fillers.

Her appearance is world’s apart from the chiseled, groomed, and pouty look she now rocks.

Anastasia has since splurged over $2100 on cosmetic procedures, many of which focused on her cheeks. And despite negative comments on her looks, the model now feels much better about herself.

After getting her face filler at 26, she also got lip fillers and Botox injected into her forehead. Instead of rocking curls, she has dyed her straight hair into a Barbie pink. She equally dabbled with bonkers procedures – from booty massages to skin smoothing sessions.

Anastasia pictured when she’s aged 21 [left] vs. now!

Instead of rocking brunette curls, she has since dyed her poker-straight hair into a shade of Barbie pink.