Joanna and Chip Gaines just refurbished a mind-blowing castle in Waco, Texas, and in addition to their interior project, the couple is kept busy with their five children aged 17 to four.

Drake, their eldest, has left the family home – but for compelling reasons, as he has enrolled in college.

It hasn’t been stated where the place of study Drake resides, but Joanna did open out about the family change in Magnolia Journal.

“Drake, our oldest son, will be departing for college soon. This one comes with great thanks and enthusiasm in the great scheme of heartbreaking things.”

“But my first child is leaving, and our family dynamic will shift as a result, which can feel like a loss in and of itself.”

While missing her eldest son, Joanna has her youngest, Crew, to keep her entertained. The star frequently posts updates about their time together.

The team was caught painting in their property’s garden earlier this month, making a painting of yellow daffodils in bloom. “The little artist is feeling quite inspired by the flowers,” Joanna remarked beside the cute video.

Another family video showed Crew taking in the entirety of the garden with rows and rows of lovely flowerbeds. The tiny one was having a great time, and Joanna’s fans could tell.

“Crew is having the time of his life! He should get his program! He will teach everyone the value of love and kindness, as well as how to take a moment to smell the [rose emoji]”

Did you know Chip and Joanna attended the same university? But they did not meet there!

Chip earned a marketing and business administration degree from Baylor University in 1998, while Joanna earned a degree in communications a few years later.