When Shaquille O’Neal’s supporters learned on social media that he was in the hospital, they were concerned.

Now, the basketball player and game analyst have described what has been happening, although with a sense of fun.

“To everyone worried. First and foremost, let me thank you,” O’Neal wrote in an Instagram post on Monday. “Finally, I am fine. I needed to get some BBL work done, known as #hipreplacement. So, no need to worry, I am OK.”

“BBL” stands for “Brazilian butt lift.”

O’Neal had uploaded a photo of himself on Twitter over the weekend, hooked up to equipment in a hospital bed, causing alarm.

“I’m constantly watching @TurnerSportsEJ and @Candace Parker miss y’all,” the Hall of Famer tweeted.

O’Neal has been an NBA analyst for Turner Sports (owned by CNN’s parent business) for almost a decade.