Bo Derek, the 66-year-old actress, recently opened up about her decision to not have children. In an interview, she explained that her unconventional and chaotic life played a major role in this choice. Bo believes that children deserve to have two committed parents, and she felt that she couldn’t provide the stability they needed.

Derek admitted that her life was so unpredictable that she wouldn’t even consider getting a dog, let alone having a child. Acting was not something she had planned for, and when the opportunity came knocking, she was overwhelmed by the offers. However, she made a conscious decision to decline and avoid work.

Bo Derek was previously married to actor John Derek, and their marriage lasted from 1976 to 1998. Since 2002, she has been in a committed relationship with actor John Corbett. It was in 2010 when John Corbett mentioned in an interview that they had no intentions of starting a family on their own. He mentioned that adopting children was something they might consider in the future.

Although the couple has been together for a long time, marriage and starting a family have not been a priority for them. Bo recently mentioned in an interview that while she appreciates the commitment and meaning behind starting a family, it simply hasn’t been the right time for them.

Their relationship is built on a strong foundation of attraction, comfort, and shared values. Bo emphasized that John always makes her laugh, and his vibrancy and joy bring a lot of happiness to their lives. They take each day as it comes and believe in staying true to each other. As they continue to grow together, they are starting to feel a sense of belonging and comfort.

Bo Derek and John Corbett’s love story is a beautiful example of how a couple can have a fulfilling life without following a traditional path. They have made choices that best suit their circumstances and priorities, and they continue to cherish their bond.