Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden, the beloved star of “The Young and the Restless,” recently revealed his battle with prostate cancer. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 82-year-old actor shared that his condition was initially misdiagnosed. Now, he wants to educate and empower other men by speaking out about his experience.

“I’m going public with this to inform others,” Braeden stated. “I just want men to understand they shouldn’t fear it. I want them to know how important it is to have their colon, bladder, and prostate checked.”

As we age, our prostate can enlarge, putting pressure on the urethra and causing frequent urination. It may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it could be the start of more significant problems. Braeden wants men to be aware of these symptoms and not shy away from seeking medical attention.

“It’s crucial to dispel people’s fears,” he emphasized. “Many men, including myself, are reluctant to face the reality of prostate cancer. But avoiding it is simply absurd.”

Braeden shared his own journey in a Facebook Live video, where he admitted that he initially ignored the signs after undergoing knee replacement surgery. It was only after seeking a second opinion that he discovered he had high-grade cancer cells near his bladder.

In the 13-minute video, he acknowledged the importance of reaching out to older men who may not listen to medical advice. “I hate to be this person, but I think this may be good for some older guys who may or may not listen to this,” he said.

Currently undergoing a six-week immunotherapy treatment, Braeden wants everyone to take their health seriously. “If you’re experiencing symptoms, don’t ignore them,” he pleaded. “Seek medical guidance and get the help you need.”

Prostate cancer doesn’t have to be a source of fear and anxiety. With early detection and proper treatment, it can be managed effectively. Let Eric Braeden’s story serve as a reminder to prioritize your health and stay proactive in addressing any concerns you may have.