Disney World is referred to as “the land where dreams come true” for a variety of reasons. The magic that this site brings up is an experience that you will never forget, whether you are a child or an adult.

One unique family got to witness the magnificence of this enchanted world where all of the characters came to life meaningfully.

The film, which is a part of the “Unforgettable Stories” series from Disney Parks, introduces Shaylee Mansfield and her family. This cute young child is deaf, much like her mother and father.

When they were young, Shaylee’s parents didn’t have it easy. Thankfully, they say that things have improved. The fact that everyone at the girl’s school understands sign language makes it Shaylee’s safe refuge. Most significantly, she loves going to school and has many of friends. She is content because she is cherished, looked for, and understood.

Outside of the house and the classroom, it’s a different story. Shaylee occasionally feels alone since she has trouble communicating with others because so few everyday people are familiar with sign language.

Like other young children their age, Shaylee and her sister longed to visit Disneyland, and their parents made it happen. However, they were worried that if Shaylee couldn’t connect with her heroes, her trip would be incomplete. After they got there, they enjoyed the lovely day, but the highlight of the trip was when the two sisters posed for a picture with Minnie Mouse.

After the photo session, Minnie surprised the family. She went to Shaylee and began signing beside her. It was revealed that she was studying sign language so that kids like Shaylee may go on an exciting adventure. Even though it can seem like a small gesture, feeling included can mean so much.

She felt good about herself as a result. After taking in his daughter’s encounter, Shaylee’s father said, “She created that connection.”

I’m sure this girl felt like the world was much brighter that day! For more on the story and Shaylee’s cute smile, see the video below.