A guy reportedly followed a teenage girl from the school bus stop to her house. He was unaware that her Army veteran father had come home and was prepared to handle matters.

Army veteran Mike Oliver, a father of 15, was furious to find a stranger inside his Livonia, Michigan, home on a Monday afternoon.

The man reportedly followed his teenage daughter from the bus stop to their house.

After stepping off the bus, Oliver’s daughter noticed something wasn’t quite right. She suddenly became aware that someone was observing her as she made her way home.

As she walked up to her front door, a guy approached her. He allegedly followed her onto the porch and inquired as to whether her parents were present before following her inside.

Mike Oliver observed the man, who seemed to be in his 30s, had followed his daughter home as he waited in his living room for his 15-year-old, 10th-grade daughter to return from Franklin High School.

Oliver became aware of this and asked the man directly what he was doing on his property.

The suspect tried to leave the residence instead of replying. On the other hand, Oliver was not going to give up on him so soon. The Army veteran attacked the individual, who was later identified by authorities as 27-year-old Livonia resident David Roberts.

Oliver stopped him even before he left his domain during their fight in the front yard. Oliver remembered the exact moment he stopped the man in his tracks: “I grabbed him by the hair.” He was escaping while twisting like an alligator. ” He sprinted around the corner.

The watchful parent was unmoved even though the culprit first escaped him. David Roberts and Mike Oliver went around the neighborhood in his pickup. Neighbors and Oliver’s 19-year-old son also got engaged in the effort to help Oliver find Roberts as he was running away.

David Roberts was found in a neighboring garden by several police officers who arrived shortly after that. He was taken into custody and accused of breaking and entering and assaulting a police officer.

Despite the fact that his bail was 10% of $100,000, the father, an Army veteran, thought he got off easy.

Oliver said, “He could’ve been laying there on the ground today,” implying Roberts’ potential destiny. “For him, it might have been a lot worse.” But doing the right thing is more important than being correct, the Army veteran said.

The teenager is safe, but she did not come out of the incident unscathed. She doesn’t want to attend to school since she is terrified of it.

The mother of the Franklin High School 10th student, Cindy Oliver, stated, “This year, my daughter is doing well in school.” She was afraid for her safety, therefore she didn’t want to go to school today.

In the wake of the incident, parents and kids are encouraged to keep a close check on their surroundings. Additionally, it is advised that all students, regardless of age, walk with a friend or, even better, a group, to and from school.

If they see someone or something strange, they should tell an adult or call 911, and if they feel threatened, they should run away.

Even while it might seem like conventional knowledge, this little reminder is crucial. Our best line of protection is to be aware that there are monsters among us.