Before going to gymnastics one day, young Zola Tomic questioned, “When can I see God again?” Brittani, her mother, was astonished by the question because they hadn’t been discussing God at the time.

However, he was there for the six-year-old child when she needed him. Tomic Zola underwent regular surgery to get her tonsils removed. Everything was OK until she entered her mother’s bedroom while bleeding profusely.

Since over ten days prior, the young girl had been bleeding. Zola then witnessed God as he was about to pass away. The experience was kept a secret from the family until the day she said the heart-pounding phrase, “When can I see God again?”

The family was unaware of Zola’s unusual disease, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), until her tragic event. According to her mother, Zola’s pregnancy was regarded as high risk. However, since the markers did not match up with trisomy 18 or down syndrome, the experts assumed it was just a coincidence.

The physicians discovered that Zola’s tonsils were too big and could have an impact on her breathing as a result of numerous health issues throughout her upbringing. The parents chose the procedure after learning this information, believing it would solve all of their problems.

Zola started talking more openly about her miraculous moment after her near-death encounter. God had thanked Zola on the night she was on the verge of dying for becoming his friend. Brittani clarifies that she never lost consciousness while in the hospital.

This young girl had seen God as a comforting presence. The family’s Christian beliefs underwent a sea change as a result of Zola’s terrifying health event. The family then established a non-profit organization to raise awareness of the girl’s condition.