Young Birmingham, Alabama resident Walter Carr recently made headlines for the right reasons.

Walter recently accepted a position at Pelham-based moving company Bellhop’s Moving. However, the young man had a terrible time on his first visit to his new job. His car broke down the night before, so he had to walk 20 miles to Bellhops.

In order to arrive to Bellhops in time for his first day of work, he made the decision to walk the entire 20 miles. Walter was starting to feel very worn out. He made the decision to relax and sat down.

The youngster was asked why he was sitting beside the road when the local police arrived. The police were shocked and quite pleased by his resolve to arrive at work on time when he told them the incident.

When Walter arrived at his destination, Luke Markland, the CEO of Bellhop’s Moving, was there to greet him. Luke offered Walter his car as a gift because he believed Walter would take better care of it than he would.

Luke was pleasantly surprised by Walter’s commitment to beginning his new work on schedule. He was also glad that Walter didn’t give up on them, didn’t back down, and taught them what real values were.

Walter enjoys his work, and over time, he gained some notoriety. Even the clients that Bellhop’s transferring assisted in transferring to a new site were pleased with Walter’s assistance.