Beata Bienias and Powell were adamant that it might never happen as they tried for eight years to get pregnant but were unsuccessful.

Beata was found to have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which can make getting pregnant difficult. Doctors also recommended she attempt to lose weight because she was overweight.

However, nothing changed even after reducing 70 pounds.

Ultimately, the couple decided to try IVF as a last resort. While going through the procedure, the doctors forbade them from having intercourse, but Beata and Powell made an exception for her birthday.

Soon after the physicians implanted the embryos, Beata learned she was pregnant! It finally occurred after years of battling, making sacrifices, and facing numerous difficulties! She was so excited that she thought she was on cloud nine.

When she went for her sonogram, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Beata and her partner were nervous when they headed to the ultrasonography, even though they had hoped for at least one of the embryos to live.

She and her husband eagerly awaited their first pregnancy scan as they entered the doctor’s office. A startling turn awaited them as the ultrasound technician carefully inspected the imaging. The technician turned to Beata’s husband and softly invited him to sit.

What the technician was about to tell them, it turned out, would forever alter their lives. Beata was certainly pregnant. three babies instead of only one!

“We both were in shock, and we looked [at] the monitor with disbelief, just wondering who put [three babies] there,” said Beata.

I immediately called my mother, crying and saying, “There are three inside me.”

However, there was a bigger surprise waiting around the bend. The twins had been conceived naturally since only one of the embryos had implanted; it was discovered upon closer inspection.

Beata said: “This is so ironic after trying for so long, and when we got the treatment, we conceived naturally.”

Although uncommon, Beata’s occurrence is not unheard of entirely. It is conceivable for a woman to become pregnant naturally while receiving IVF therapy and having an implanted embryo develop simultaneously.

At 34 weeks pregnant, Beata gave birth to Amelia, Matylda, and Borys, who were allowed to leave the hospital after just one week.

Although it can be challenging and demanding, Beata asserts that it is well worth the effort.

Despite being exhausted from the previous night, my heart melts as I look into these children’s faces.