Watching someone you care about struggle with something that used to make them happy is tremendously difficult.

We can rarely assist our friends and relatives in regaining their interests or enterprises because they can both abruptly go downhill.

However, the story of this young girl and her deep bond with her struggling father does not have a typical conclusion.

Texas-born Giselle Aviles, age 21, appreciates her father’s effort in building his firm. Her father, Elias, has worked in the food sector for a long time and even co-owned a restaurant with other family members.

When the economy collapsed in 2008, the Aviles family lost their physical restaurant, but Elias decided to launch a Mexican street taco truck and carry on the family tradition. The truck did fairly well for a while.

Giselle’s worries surfaced more recently after she learned from her hard-working father that his truck was not performing well. He frequently reported having slow days, barely making $20 to $60.

However, a certain day gave rise to the tweet that fundamentally altered everything. Elias had a busy and exhausting day of work that day, and according to the NY Post, he only had $6 to show for it.

When he informed me the price, $6, I responded, “Nothing hurts,” Giselle remembered.

She used Twitter to request her father, writing:

Twitter, hey! My dad’s taco truck business is slow; he only made $6 today. Normally, I wouldn’t do this. I would appreciate it if you could retweet it.”

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of the truck with the words “Taqueria El Torito” written on its side. Additionally, she added the Humble, Texas, location tag.

She told CNN, “When he said $6, it was like, are you kidding me.” Therefore, I thought, “Well, we have nothing to lose,” and I decided to tweet that day.

The tweet gained a lot of retweets right away, making it profitable nearly instantly. Giselle foresaw that her father would receive assistance from others and advised him to prepare the truck for increased client traffic when it was reopened.

But because he was unfamiliar with the internet, Giselle’s father could never have anticipated the response he got.

There were already dozens of people waiting nearby when he went to open his truck at 8 A.M., some of whom had started lining up at 6 A.M.

The food truck was so swamped with new customers that it had to close twice—once to replenish and again when they ran out of food. Elias even requested Giselle to assist him at the truck to keep up with orders.

Giselle reported they could serve more than 100 people that day before shutting down an hour early. The hectic days continued throughout the week, and Giselle returned to the starting point to express her sincere gratitude to everyone who assisted.

“Hello, everybody! Giselle tweeted, “We are so grateful for all of the support and response we have received. What social media is capable of is incredible! Please be patient with us as we attempt to get things out as quickly as possible, as there is currently just one person working full-time (my dad!),” she added.

She tweeted that they were looking to hire more staff because business was booming.

Giselle said, “My dad was astonished because he didn’t expect a turnaround that quickly. There were so many people.”

She continued, “I was simply trying to help him, and it feels fantastic. Simply being able to take action that will bring him business now and establish his reputation.”

This father-daughter connection inspires us! Comment below with your thoughts on Giselle, her father, and the tweet that drew them closer than ever after watching more of the story above.