Wife cheats to ‘see if she still had it,’ husband says ‘wrinkles making her sad’ blew up their lives

A man is going through a difficult time in his marriage. His wife admitted to cheating on him, claiming that she wanted to “see if she still had it.” The husband, however, is finding it hard to forgive her, as he believes that she jeopardized their entire lives over her insecurities about aging. He turned to the Reddit community to seek advice on whether he is wrong for wanting a divorce.

The 39-year-old man shared his story on the ‘Am I Wrong’ subreddit. He explained that he and his 33-year-old wife have been married for 10 out of their 14 years together, and they have a seven-year-old daughter. The incident occurred when his wife went on a weekend trip with her sister and some friends to a resort. He trusted her and never had a reason to doubt her fidelity.

However, on the morning after the first night of the trip, his wife called him sobbing and shared that she had slept with someone else. According to her, she met a younger man at the resort and they flirted, danced, kissed, and eventually had sex. This happened multiple times, with her guilt playing a role in stopping and starting the encounters.

Her reasoning for her actions was that she wanted to “see if she still had it” and that her ego was fueled by the attention of a younger man. She confessed that she had been feeling self-conscious about her aging, particularly when she noticed new wrinkles on her face. Talking to the other man made her feel young again, and she got caught up in the moment.

Apart from betraying her husband, she also lied to her sister about her intentions. Her sister ended up spending the night in a different room, unaware that the wife had brought the stranger back to their shared room.

The husband is now struggling with the pain caused by her infidelity and is considering a divorce. His wife is remorseful and has offered marriage counseling and promises to never go out or drink again. However, he feels betrayed and is unsure whether he can trust her again.

Seeking support and advice, the husband turned to Reddit, where many fellow Redditors empathized with his pain. They agreed that he was not wrong for considering a divorce, as his wife had broken his trust and disrespected their marriage.

The general consensus was that if it only took a few drinks and a charming guy to make her throw away their relationship and family, it wasn’t worth it to continue. The fact that she had multiple encounters with the other man further solidified the Redditors’ belief that her actions were not a one-time mistake.

While the husband is still grappling with his decision, his priority is to protect their daughter from the drama. He believes that it is time to make an honest decision and, if necessary, proceed with a divorce.

If you were in his shoes, how would you handle this situation?