When his mother realized that her newborn’s cries of hunger were actually cries of pain, she hurried him to the hospital.

Any mother’s pregnancy can be incredibly hectic and stressful.

It’s very difficult to have odd cravings for various foods all the time and to be nine months pregnant in general.

However, such anxiety pales in comparison to learning that your newborn child may be suffering from a possibly fatal illness.

Sadly, this was the situation for one mother in Iowa.

It turns out that only two weeks after her baby’s birth, a snack she had consumed made him ill.

A mother from Iowa was finally returning home from the hospital with her two-week-old son in June 2014.

At that point, she started to think something wasn’t right.

Erza’s mother Lucinda started to realize that he was crying a lot more than he should have been.

Since Lucinda had already raised her two-year-old daughter, she was aware of the distinction between a cry signaling hunger and one indicating a more serious issue.

She became concerned. She then observed her infant’s skin was turning crimson.

Lucinda quickly took her child’s temperature. At 102 degrees. Before it was too late, Lucinda hurried her infant son to the hospital.

In order to diagnose Ezra’s problem, the physicians had to perform a spinal tap on him.

It was discovered that Erza had a severe case of listeria meningitis, a brain infection.

When Lucinda learned that her precious newborn boy was suffering from such a serious ailment just two weeks after birth, she was horrified and appalled.

As with her two-year-old daughter, Lucinda believed she had taken all necessary precautions to lessen the likelihood that her infant would become ill.

Lucinda discovered at that point that mothers typically infect their newborns with listeria meningitis while they are in childbirth.

The mother may have consumed it just before giving birth in a food item.

What sort of food may have given her the chance to pass this on to her son? corrupted meat? food that is tainted? Well…

It turns out to be cold cuts if you can believe that. the beef that is incredibly popular for lunch and snacks.

Deli meats and cheeses that have been refrigerated are normally served cold and never heated. They may therefore harbor listeria bacteria.

If not cooked off, these bacteria can survive at refrigerator temperature and remain on the meat.

Adults can consume deli meats without any problems, but babies’ immune systems are too weak, especially in the first few days after birth, to combat the bacteria.

Deli meats should not be consumed by expectant mothers until they have been properly cooked, just like any other meat product.

All of the following should be avoided unless properly cooked: ham, turkey, salami, bologna, and hot dogs.

Ezra might have perished from the illness if Lucinda had tried to wait it out. Thankfully, that catastrophe was averted because to her astute reasoning.

To prevent other pregnant women from going through the horrific experience she had, Lucinda wants to make sure they are all aware of the necessity to avoid this frequent food item.

I had no clue a popular dish could be so harmful to expectant mothers. The only things you typically hear that pregnant women shouldn’t eat are sushi and alcohol.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we can definitely add cold cuts to that list!