A good cascade always follows acts of compassion.

Carrie Jernigan discovered summer deals and a store that was shutting soon as she went last-minute shopping.

So they entered Payless Store and browsed the racks for an excellent shoe deal.

We are all aware that some stores do hold sales.

For people who like to shop at discounted prices, this is a nice thing!

While shopping for shoes for her three children, the mother of three’s 9-year-old daughter Harper had the idea of buying a pair of shoes for a school friend.

“I know he likes the Avengers, and I saw some Avengers shoes, so I said, ‘Hey, Mom, could you buy these for my friend?’” Harper revealed in a conversation.

Jernigan, a local attorney and head of the Alma, Arkansas, school board, never thought twice about making the request.

How much for the remaining shoes in here? she humorously questioned the salesperson.

nevertheless, they entered a few pairs of the shoes they had chosen.

Instead of selling all the remaining shoes in the store, the salesperson asked for her number.

A few hours later, she received a call informing her that she could have all the store’s stocks if she desired.

On that day, Jernigan received around 1,500 pairs of shoes.

Harper responded, “We are going to give them away at middle school,” when asked where they had planned to donate the shoes.

What a great way to start school by being a kind and kind child!

As the weeks passed, more donations—including ones for cash and school supplies—rolled in.

Even more, shoes were gathered by them.

It was a great way to prepare for a giveaway in August when classes would resume.

That is the main focus, according to Jernigan in the interview.

It will matter to that one child, she continued, “if it grows to the point where it prompts you to take one small action to help that student get ready to return to school.”

The adage of their family, “Be nice and kind,” was Harper’s response.

I hope they experience greater love than they did previously, she continued.

The family received appreciation for their deeds after the YouTube video was posted.

One user wrote, “All it takes is one simple act of kindness to make a difference.”

What a nice act, remarked another user.

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