Nearly 50 years have passed since they got married. Some of us fall in love in high school.

You’re slowly developing and picking up relationship skills during this period.

Some people think that it eventually fades away because you experience high school love when you’re so young.

Some might contend that their high school sweetheart turned out to be their true love.

The renowned actor, director, and producer Ron Howard and his wife are one of these couples.

Ron Howard first met his wife in high school.

The 68-year-old famous person was well-known for his multiple accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

He has worked in the field for many years, and many hopefuls who desire to succeed in Hollywood have been motivated by his achievements.

Ron Howard has won numerous accolades, but one of his most incredible triumphs was meeting the lady he would marry.

He had only just entered the eleventh grade.

When Ron was 16, he met the woman of his dreams, a fellow 11th grader.

For the past 47 years, Cheryl Howard has supported Ron in all his undertakings.

They connected right away when they first set eyes on one another.

Even though Ron and Cheryl were extremely young, their feelings were genuine.

They will both never forget their first encounter in high school.

They instantly connected, and they were aware of it.

They started getting to know one another more quickly, and after some time getting to know one another, they went on a date in 1970.

47 years after their first date, Ron posted a photo on Instagram to recreate the experience.

He uploaded a picture of Cheryl and him cuddling beside each other, with breathtaking scenery in the background.

Their joyful expressions demonstrate that they are still wildly in love with one other even after almost fifty years of marriage.

In actuality, the pair still goes on dates.

Despite having four kids, they will enjoy each other’s company and maintain their love through shared experiences.

In a more recent post, Ron also included a picture of him and his wife enjoying fun in London.

The famous person never quits inspiring others with his love story.
In addition, he shared a picture of them strolling in a Queensland tropical jungle.

Don’t you agree that they are “couple goals” in every way?

How happy they are together is obvious.

This couple is an example of how high school romances can endure.

This merely demonstrates that age is not a fundamental factor in love.

Other couples can succeed if this pair can.

Check out the video below to learn more about their enduring union!