Jackie was finally able to take her husband out to dinner for the first time in weeks. Even though it wasn’t quite the ideal date like they used to go on in the past, they both needed the break. Jackie soon realized it had all been a mistake and that she would not be able to find any peace and tranquility at the restaurant.

Jackie noticed her husband smiling at the waitress as she turned away from their table. Jackie noticed that he was staring at a note as her blood began to boil. Why did the waitress act in such manner? After using the restroom, Jackie returned and sat down, feeling deceived and puzzled. She could not have anticipated what occurred next…

Jackie had no idea what would take place an hour later when the pleasant waiter grinned at the two and accepted their order. After the pizza had been waiting for some time, Jackie realized the baby was fussing. She opened the bag and began searching for the bottle when it dawned on her…

Jackie’s baby wanted what everyone else had – food! The best option was to drink directly from the source if the bottle was not available. Jackie took the baby in her arms and began nursing him at the table after looking around her and saw everyone peeking at their table.

Tom asked for the bill while Jackie nursed the infant before going to the bathroom. What was strange was that the waitress placed a note on the bill when she came back with it. Imagine Jackie’s shock when she watched her husband turn around and smile at the waitress since she wasn’t present when that happened.

She glanced at him while smiling as she read the note. Tom grasped her hand and nodded reassuringly while grinning back. Jackie was reading something that she couldn’t believe! All she could do was peek up to see if the waitress was still there. She was standing at the bar and was glancing toward their table. Jackie grinned and said, “Thanks!” The message stated the following.

“I bought one of your pizzas. Please thank your wife for breastfeeding!”

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