Christina Applegate discusses her experience with MS in detail.

Christina Applegate is unquestionably one of the most charming actors and actresses out there.

The Dead to Me actor had a double mastectomy after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2008. Ten years after the treatment, Applegate admitted she was still struggling with body image issues in an interview.

“I think about it every day. Yes, it’s been ten years, we say to one another as girls who have experienced this, but you never forget what you’ve gone through. Everything appears to be unique. You have to shower, and you think to yourself, ‘Oh, there they are.’ That actually happened,’” she remarked.

After learning that she carries the BRCA1 genetic mutation, a gene linked to an elevated risk of both breast and ovarian cancer, Applegate also had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

Sadly, her health problems are still very much a concern. The Sweetest Thing actress shared her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis in August 2022. MS is an autoimmune chronic illness of the central nervous system that impairs communication both inside and between the brain and the body.

Although there is currently no treatment for it, the symptoms may be controlled with the right care. Average life expectancy is slightly shorter for MS patients.

When Applegate initially discussed her diagnosis, she called the process a “difficult path” and a “weird voyage.” She continued by saying that she had support from her friends who also had the disease.

In 2017, fellow actress Selma Blair, who was also diagnosed with MS, was one of the first to express her support.

“Always loving you. Selma wrote, “Always here.”

Blair has been a strong advocate for MS and makes sure to share her personal story online and everywhere.

Applegate has taken her health seriously and works hard to maintain it. She tweeted, “With MS, most workouts can be frightening due to numbness in feet and legs. It’s fantastic to be seated and mindful that one is still using one’s body.”

Christina Applegate posted a letter in recognition of the milestone and outlining her journey on her 50th birthday.

“Yup. Today I turned 50. I also have MS. It has been difficult,” she tweeted. “On this day, I’m sending so much love to everyone. Today, many people are in pain, and I am thinking of you. May we find the fortitude to raise our heads. Mine is right now on my pillow. But I do try.”

Christina Applegate is in our prayers, and we hope she never loses her courage.

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