What lengths would you go to have a child? It’s a compelling question that introduces a lot of “ifs” into the discussion.

What if the baby’s life was in danger? if a debilitating genetic illness or serious birth defects affect the baby. What if you weren’t able to conceive? Would you pay every penny you have and then some for a slim possibility of becoming pregnant?

What if your safety was at risk? Would you keep trying to conceive if you knew giving birth may kill you? Would any of these risks be significant, or is the idea of procreation so revered that nothing can prevent someone from having children?

All of these things were true, and even more so, for the smallest mother in history. Stacey Herald is one of the shortest women to ever become pregnant and give birth; she is from Kentucky and only stands 68.58 centimeters tall. Despite the dangers, she was successful.

Those who did not think she had a chance were wrong, of course. After only 28 weeks of pregnancy, Stacey had her first child, a daughter named Kateri, through cesarean section. The next task was more difficult. Makaya was born similarly. Additionally, after giving birth, her son Malachi was identified as having serious health issues. His family came to think that God had a plan for everyone of them after learning that the physicians had saved him.

The Herald family views all three of their kids as miraculous. Regardless of what science says, they are devoted to children and want to see them all throughout the world.