Step-sister Samantha Markle has stated that she will sue Meghan Markle for “defamation, slander, and invasion of privacy.” Samantha was taken aback by Meghan Markle’s public apologies to the court following the discovery of fresh evidence disproving the claim that the duchess had refused to work with the co-authors of the contentious biography “Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan, and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.”

Markle told the judges that she “forgot” to bring up the letters that her communications assistant Jason Knauf had discovered, in which she urged him to email the authors with information about Samantha and her brother Thomas Jr. Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie handled the biographies.

Speaking in the third person, Meghan Markle urged Knauf to say that her siblings were no longer in school and that she had no contact with them.

Samantha Markle resumed using her maiden name after Meghan and Harry were married and started writing and selling news articles.

In a message to Knauf, the Duchess of Sussex claimed that she had lost custody of all three of the children she had with different fathers.

Samantha and Meghan Markle have not spoken since the Duchess of Sussex met Prince Harry in 2016.

Due to the differences in the legal systems of the two nations, Samantha recently said in an interview with the Sunday Times that she will bring a formal lawsuit against Meghan Markle in both the UK and the US.

“I want to file a lawsuit against her for defamation in the US and data confidentiality violations in the UK. The texts (to him) are evidence that she is spreading false information about me, and Jason Knauf may be mentioned.” Meghan explains, “Anything to keep the family quiet.” It is a nightmare.

She said, “I have not lost custody of any child. I claim to have changed my name after she met Harry, but I really warned her I would do it months in advance of their meeting. She wanted us to behave as if we were distant from one another, to humiliate ourselves. Because that provided the best excuse for us to miss her wedding.”

Meghan Markle started working on the biography Finding Freedom out of concern for her father. The Dukes of Sussex’s legal counsel disclosed shortly after the biography’s release that Meghan was involved in its creation because of concern for a potential conflict with her father. To be distinguished from Thomas Markle.

The applicant was worried that the media account of her father’s abandonment of her without even attempting contact would be replicated. In order to persuade him to stop appearing before the media, she really got in touch with him, texted him, and sent him a letter. Moreover, the individual would have replied in writing. (…) In order to prevent further misrepresentation of the story, Meghan instructed her friend to provide the facts to the authors of the aforementioned article. She does not know under what circumstances this material was supplied to the authors, according to the British couple’s attorneys’ statement from a year ago.